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  • He looks guilty he used the gun maybe.
    I was being funny saying adverse because the toddler and man beyond quote seem funny to you I get the impression that is. cautionary but funny because we pretend they are real. no teeth ever did a third-trimester abortion. please tell me if I ruined the joke. or you are serious.
    No no you got it :) it’s an accurate reading of my sense of humour.
    your manbeyond sig quotes are adverse to the human mind. Why does the toddler have a gun? He doesn't look happy.
    Adverse? I prefer to think of the quotes as more of a cautionary tale.
    As for the toddler having a gun, I didn’t give it to him. It’s another cautionary tale. He probably took it from his mothers purse. The real question you should be asking, as I did, is “why the fuck is this a stock image?”
    Come to think of it, with all these cautionary tales, I’m really providing a community service... probably.
    Sorry. Yes, I am asking a question on the like feature.
    Is it possible I can still like things on the forum?
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    There doesn’t seem to be a like button anywhere.
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    Kuu was not thrilled with the like feature. I tried to like Yellows post but I saw no like icon. I see no like icon anywhere. I have good eyes. I see it here on the comments to users but nowhere on any of the posts in threads. I am sorry if I am missing a really simple thing but I think Kuu removed it.
    Reactions: Happy
    I’m not sure if you’re asking me a question?
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    I got all the work done and it says 100% complete I just uh.. I didn't revise two of the writing assignments

    I think it's fine

    Yes, your avatar is great. With the subtle, or not so subtle, use of primary colors (blue, red, yellow) it gives the illusion of balance and happiness, but when looking at the actual image depiction it tells a very different story. It is absolutely delightfully ironic. Plus with a name like Happy and you have a very intriguing prospect for aesthetic and emotional appeal dipped in complexity.

    I've been hanging on to tell you for a while.
    Yeah true but we're working on an urban scale now so there's nothing REALLY new at this point...probably bc we were forced to go through a ridiculous amount of readings throughout third year

    Thanks! And to you too :)
    Aw :) only fellow architortureds understand </3
    Lucky you...i still have (counting the one I'm finishing now too) 3 semesters to go :mad:
    Hello :)
    Nowhere in particular, had a major project and lots of groupwork drama to sort out :P
    I just cant stfu apparently ;)
    I haven't racked a post count up like this before since about 2011.
    Spose this is what happens to me when I drop out of full-time work.
    Everything in my life at the time. School, work, women, everything. All pursuits. I was just doing with no purpose. Moving instinctively, never planning, never considering outcomes or consequences. Reckless freedom. The ripples I created are still measurable today, over a decade later. The fundamental structure of my life today was constructed during that period of my life.
    If I could go back in time and tell my younger self (from that period in particular) some things, one thing I would say is to be more mindful. Of everything. I was mostly oblivious, just going with the flow, living in the moment. It was great, dont get me wrong, but I was just kind of floating around. Fighting was like that. I didnt really give it any thought. Other guys fought, I was good enough to get in there, so I did. The reality of it didnt even hit me until I was stepping into the ring - and then complete terror! But it worked out fine, I won - handily, actually. But I never really stopped to consider anything that was going on around me in those days...

    We had a UFC guy at our gym too. He was mostly a western boxer. I remember him and his coach wanting us to get some reps with him so he could get used to seeing our kicks. We kicked his ass for a little bit, but he sure caught on quickly!
    Every time I see your avatar I feel like I'm being judged by Gropius...
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