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  • Yo did you do economics (I seem to recall so) and if yes do you mind if we chat some about viable economical systems and left wing right wing bias stuff?
    Quit your job, become a traveller! I'm joking of course, but it is a hell of a lot of fun. I still want to see Tasmania and NZ...

    Friends are situational, I find them often enough but it's very short lived, I'm getting used to that now. Good luck though, maybe you could reach out through a common hobby?

    I would be up for meeting up, I'll be in Sydney for 2 days in about 2 weeks time. I can pm you details if you like?
    I think you are very intelligent.
    Have you completed your PhD?
    I want to show you my thread.
    Particularly posts 6, 7 and 10

    Brain waves Java Program

    I do not know much about math.
    But I knew what a neural network is since I was 12.
    I also knew what an automata was.
    That is necessary for understanding machine code.
    How fast can you understand what you are learning?
    That is the reason I am slow to make progress with my ideas.
    Superb! It's been a lot of fun on the East coast and going between the major cities. I was planning on going to Darwin from Cairns then travelling the west coast, but that kind of fell through. It has worked out in a strange way as I've found out I can't exchange my flight home for air miles or push it back any further, as I booked through a travel agent. I regret this now, but instead I'll just fly to the stop over then return to Perth. Now I have to book a flight to Sydney though...

    How are you settling in there anyway?
    Did the Logitech g35 work out well for you? I need a gaming headset. If not, any other recommendations?
    How many mods are there?
    TheHabitatDoctor is one i know.
    Do you need to be good with computers?
    I ask because it seems I am smart but not good with computers.
    I do not really want to be one but I want to know more about how the forum works.
    Yes my phone is the same. Yeah paint-balling is fun but I think I play it differently to others. The last time I went paint-balling I acquired 4 kills confirmed and one death using up 200 balls. How are you physically? Anything I should be concerned about?

    Are you around the second weekend of June? I may be busy then but it's related to something else that I'm not going to say yet.

    I think the problem is we are all happy to meet up somewhere for anything so we don't have anything specific in mind.

    I-... OH PANCAKES LOL. For a minute there I was like... "we never had panca... oh"
    Huh, yeah that could be a problem. Generally I prefer guys slightly older girls slightly younger. Unless she isn't looking for marriage in which case sure why not. :P

    Also happy to be friends with people of all ages of course which leads me to ask why do you think she is a woman for me?

    Ahh well find out! (unless you just don't want to tell me in which case don't find out ;) I won't tell me) I know what I want, at least... I know what the imagined version of me wants. Which might be quite different from what I really want. (something something song lyrics about what I really really want)

    It's getting kinda hard at this point. Doing "nothing" for a year or so doesn't help my resume.

    Do you have any ideas on what you want to do the next time we meet up?
    Exactly the same as I've always been. Which is wonderful but lacking in a means to live or acquire stuff.

    How about yourself? Ready to settle down? We need to find each other partners. Mine needs to be intent on supporting me while I take care of the kids and cooking/drug deals. What do you want?
    ProxyAmenRa, Thank you for taking the time to write a short message on my profile. It does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated. Have a good one.
    A Serbian friend said I should put it there. She told me it would be funny. I don't know what it means. I am waiting for an enterprising individual to tell me. ^_^
    I ran across this the other day:

    "People who use statistics to make arguments use numbers the way a drunk uses a streetlight: not for illumination but for support."

    It made me think of you.
    You should change up body language or something. :P I don't know. I've worked out my body language is quite different from how I'm actually feeling. Which is odd and gives off the wrong impression.
    Shooting is fun! Being a closet perfectionist I could see it becoming an addiction. Misunderstandings can be fun though. Sometimes...
    Nothing useful but interesting sure. I went shooting recently with a group of people. If I had money I could see that becoming a new hobby.

    Cool sounds good. Is your romantic life going at all?
    Nice! I'm great as always. Are you almost finished (or did you finish?)? Still thinking of moving away? It's good you are on low work again. Don't want to burn out.
    No problems =) It's not a very intuitive path so I thought I'd check, just in case. Silly old vBull.
    Hey Proxy, did you accidentally disable the latest posts thingo? Because you can re-enable it in the Quick Links menu. If you have already tried this, please dismiss my message and wait for Fukyo's rescue.
    I think I will weep anyway.


    Seriously though, Bushmills with lemon, honey, a few herbs and boiling water. It's the drink of the gods. :D
    The weeping or the whisky? :D

    I'll admit I'm only really good at one of those thingsss.

    (Hot toddy is amazing.:o)
    What if I cry uncontrollably until you do? :D

    Damn those humans and their walking infection carriers!
    When anyone I know gets a cold I just make them hot toddy, it'll cure anything. You should try it!
    Have you read Jeff Hawkins "On Intelligence"? I sold my copy 3 years ago and have not read it in 5 years. I saw him in a video talking about his company software predicting data traffic load. Is your thesis based on a distributed solution?
    It's about time for a silver comeback...maybe? :D

    I have been... lazy and unresourceful! x.x
    But soon I will be thrust back into the real world and forced into interaction.

    It's enough to make ya weep! Not even doing a dragon voice can scare humans, they're bloody everywhere. D:

    That was in reply to a message from January. I was very drunk when I wrote it.
    I'm back at Cambridge now, and genuinely, sincerely happy with my life. I came here as part of a sort of drunken nostalgia binge (actually, initially, I'm ashamed to admit, seeking to quote my own poetry).
    I have no active stance on monogamy/polygamy, I have been able to 'logically' infer that polygamy should only be natural and even more preferable, but ignoring all that, you can't ignore how you feel - no one can.

    Sorry that's really late, just saying' stuff.
    I assure you, he is far more dull than you. Though I guess that actually might not be a good thing in terms of having thought of using the same name. Nonetheless, the moon will not open this window for this meowing cat outside so I can end this sentence by referencing the way in which I end it.
    w-waaaait a second. are you the ProxyAmenRa that was active for ages on INTPcentral?
    I'm okay. My dad was in poor health and died on Tuesday night. Everyone's doing okay, and I wasn't close to him (he had withdrawn from everyone for a long time), but it's just kind of bizarre timing with the furlough, and there are lots of details that had to be considered and figured out. Emotionally, I feel okay, but from time to time I just feel kind of overwhelmed.
    Hey. Just wanted to say I'm glad you are finding your way in that situation with your ex. That's a hard situation for anyone to deal with, and I know there are situations in my life that I've had to "feel" more than "think" my way through. It can be confusing, and of course everyone has an opinion of what you should do... but in the end, it's something you decide.

    I hope everything works out in the sense of you feeling like you're doing the right thing for yourself and her, and that you can feel content with that. Get better soon!
    "I can not remember a single occasion where I am hanging out with male friends and we have not engaged in insulting each other."

    Well, there's one thing all those occasions have in common. :cat:
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