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  • Yes only two. Trying to keep my profile low-on-range but I doubt it that it will last soon.

    I wish I could manage to be virtually androgynous cause then I would stop calling my self a butterflyman.

    Not YA!, yahoo for the win.
    two* Oh God I Need some sleep.

    I will reply soon though. Sorry for not responding until now but since you replied back with a long one, I shall reciprocate with a long one as well.

    And my new kuul title will be Skinless Banana.
    Well there are too possibilities;

    You are a man with an ancient humor; hence the "phallus"
    You are a woman with a feminist humor; hence the sarcasm in "banana".
    I am feeling silly and I just needed to explode my sillyness.
    Nothing about that was sarcastic. I learnt it off someone else when very young, and have been using it with certain family members ever since. When I recognised what you were doing, I was surprised and pleased. Heh.

    And yeah, we use 'b' as well.
    Hah, interesting! This is the first time I've seen someone else replace the first letter of every word with a specific consonant (and 'b's the one I usually use as well), although it's simple enough that it should be fairly common.

    I use it to communicate with other initiates when in Company.
    Do you wish me to carve my name into your chest with a spoon?

    Because I will you know, I'm pretty close to trying.
    : ( --> deformed phallus? Do you have a growth on your head? :(

    (I bet Jesus was a girl. The church probably didn't want to deal with the issues associated with eating out her body and drinking her blood. Gross.) (Also, the Holy Spirit's a bad driver.)

    fruit of the loon --> scientology --> nicole kidman --> ghost --> God!!!!!!! It's you again!!!!!!


    plastic cheese --> processed --> sausage --> phallus (!) -----------------> God! Omg it's you again! The penile trinity!
    I just realised the pun tricks you've been playing!

    Did you mean...:

    bananaphallus ie fruit of my loins ie son ie Jesus ie God????????
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was hoping thats what it was. I have been trying to find the name of that cartoon for years because I saw it once when I was young and loved the music! Thanks again!
    Hello! I was wondering about your snowman avatar - what is it from? It looks very familiar but I can't place it.
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