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Split from "Abstaining from masturbation"

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Today 3:23 PM
Nov 21, 2013
"Romance and mating is a female's game"
Paraphrasing professor THD, a once popular biologist, game theorist and analyst.


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Today 11:23 AM
Sep 25, 2008
Dismal?! You mean "her fate is the best possible outcome... " :D

Well, I was talking about in terms of passing on the genes, not in terms of quality of life. :D


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Today 10:23 AM
Dec 18, 2015
This thread has been an interesting read.

I agree to an extent. Perhaps the initial question of what you do for a living is not the point to turn away from the conversation, but rather the follow up question is more crucial - i.e. what is her (/his) underlying intention in asking you about what you do for a living? I personally think intentions are usually good and that its a way of starting a dialogue, but the question is usually framed poorly. I prefer to ask something more vague, along the lines of "What do you do with your time?" or the even more vague "What's your story?". Does anyone else approach this differently?

Oh so true. It's not easy to paint yourself in a positive light when you're out of work. Often, there is nothing wrong with being unemployed. Sometimes people need a break or whatever. I've done it, and I can say dating gets a little more difficult, just because of this damn question...

Once again, I agree to an extent, but would rather phrase the question differently to eliminate money (i.e. "a living") from the equation.

I agree, but I could perceive it as an attempt to be sneaky on their part. I am stark on my descriptions on here but flexible in real life, I try to see the person as a whole. I would be screwed to ask it to be any other way, given that I try to follow the golden rule as best I can. This may be why I over compensate for a perceived attack. I tend to set the bar where ever I go. I would rather blend into the back ground and be part of the static, at least I would be average. I am a firm follower of generalities such as the way a bell curve would display it.
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