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is space and matter the same


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Today 9:58 AM
Aug 15, 2013
or is space and matter different. space can exist without matter or vise versa.

today as for 2021, i feel that space and matter is the same thing.

but i might assume wrong, and that space and matter are two different and separate entities. I have insufficient data and real experience to prove or unprove myself, Space could just be emptiness/nothing and matter could just be matter

i will come back 2 or 3 years later to see if i am right or wong.


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Today 2:58 AM
Apr 4, 2010
In the standard model, there are particles and then there are force carriers. The Higgs field carries gravity between particles. A theory that unifies all the forces with gravity is a GUT (Grand Unified Theory) The E8 lattice is a gut. But I don't know what standards come with a unified theory. I do not know what the physical manifestation would be.

In my view, the rate interactions between point cloud matter are what permits time to happen. Time separates matter from space. No time no interactions.

Time and space may be the same but time branches creating matter. Time needs braches otherwise no space would not house new interactions and interactions are needed otherwise time would collapse into separate space.


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Today 2:28 PM
Apr 19, 2016
or is space and matter different. space can exist without matter or vise versa.
Space exists because matter does. There is no space without matter. We use the term space in order to portray's matter's existence by mutual their relativity.


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Today 4:58 AM
Sep 1, 2019
I think it probably is

Matter -> compressed and curved space
antimatter -> expanded and curved space

compression + expansion = null, void, empty = annihilation of matter

If you could curve empty space -> the centripetal force would push outward on empty space -> you'd get exactly gravity (F = G*M1*M2 / r^2) -> and its downward spiral effect

Magnetism -> quantum spin -> is just the orientation of a rotating body and of its resulting gravity -> manipulating this orientation relative to other rotating bodies creates 3D compressions and expansions of the space around it that radiates outward -> photonic energy that radiates out as a wave, but pulses back and forth discretely, also acting as a particle

antigravity -> you'd essentially have to find a way to exist, without being mass or wave energy. To do that you would have to find a way to create a vacuum in the vacuum of space.
You then could enter a new dimension of existence where the speed of light is a different speed. And as you create a greater vacuum in the vacuum of space, the speed of light increases. So now, you are not limited by the gravitational effects of matter and the max speed of C.
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