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Code Geas - Lelouch

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Today 10:58 AM
Sep 11, 2013
idk how many of you watch anime, but Code Geas seems to be one of the best which I've seen. In internet I found people type Lelouch as INTJ, found also option about ENTP, but...

for me he seems very very INTP with high developed Ti;
-he differs from INTJ in Si/Se and Fe/Fi. he is mostly for sure Fe character, because he is very emphatic about other people, he have problems with sacrifice his own people, I have same when I play strategic games - I don't like to loose my soldiers, prefer to win with the least loss - it's Fe (emphatic) and Ti - minimalism;
also he isn't emotional stable (he has a lot of emotional crisis situation), so he lacks Fi (and INTJs have Fi on 3rd position which is nice, they don't have emotional problems like INTPs have);
he don't really use Se, his body is weak, he hate sports;
He is Ne-Si, because he can improvise - INTJs sucks at it...

He must be INTP, not ENTP cause he is introvert, he doesn't like parties, he prefers solitude, lives in his mind, etc...

Other characters typed by me:
Lloyd - ENTP
Suzuki - ISFP (no other options, he is Fi-Se 100%)
Charles vi Britannia - ENTJ, Marianne - ENFJ
Todou - ISTJ
Shirley - ESFP
Schneizel - xNTJ (he isn't as flexible as Lelouch, Fi, Te)
Kallen - ESTP (very high Se)
Milly Ashford - ENFP (crazy Ne people oriented)
Rakshata Chawla - INTP
Bismarck - ISTJ
Nina - ISFJ
Mao - he is psychopath so it's impossible to type him


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Today 11:58 AM
Jul 8, 2012
Your picture shows INFJ and Lelouch isn´t typeable as a INFJ/INTJ hybrid fictional character.
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