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  • Internal feedback as Introversion
    External loop as Extraversion
    both as nesting (compression of information) for functions into the self.
    Ex-User (8886)
    I would say you are ISFP or sth like that, Fi definitely
    I'm just like you, and I love to meet extraordinary people like I am :)
    Don't give up bro. ;)
    I would encourage you to download a program or two and start learning programming, but it seems like you've got an exam to study for. :p
    The first time was for terroristic threats, the second time was for stealing. Both were because of boredom. :D

    "It can be called super minimalism; when I really dont have to sth, I don't do it..."

    It appears you're reckless in the same way I am :D, maybe because you're making the decision to go to college too early. If you're like me, if you're not excited about a specific career and can't see yourself doing it every day and enjoying it, then there's no reason to do the work.

    Is there any way you could take the exam later, or retake it? Is it something where you need to score above a certain %, or is it a case where someone refuses to help you pay for it if you don't pass?

    I got in with a 1.89 GPA because the local university based admissions on an entrance exam. Once I got into classes in my major, I went full steam ahead and graduated with a 3.83. College is so very different from high school.

    If you need help, ask me or the forum. And/or start drinking coffee.
    There's never an excuse not to laugh at anything. Say... even while you're passing a kidney stone or at the funeral of an important relative (though you may want to come up with a suitable context... remembering funny things they did, etc. Telling a quick funny story is a good method that doesn't make you look like a serial killer).

    A large part of life is learning not to care about the past, because it's beyond your control, and not to worry too much about the future.... because it's also beyond your control. :D This allows you to be yourself in the present, which removes a lot of anxiety.
    This message is too large, so it's in two posts. Part 1:

    Anger and wrath... That's basically how I was from age 14 through 19. Getting expelled twice and going to correctional school, followed by a Catholic school, probably didn't help much. :D And then other emotions started to pop up once I was in college, and I had a lot of fire hose moments because I hadn't experienced them in so long that I forgot what to do with them. :o

    As usual, there's a Nietzsche quote for this:

    “I would only believe in a god who could dance. And when I saw my devil I found him serious, thorough, profound, and solemn: it was the spirit of gravity—through him all things fall. Not by wrath does one kill but by laughter. Come, let us kill the spirit of gravity!”
    Well... emotions are weird in that they can't be used correctly without practice, and that practice is sometimes very ugly because they're powerful. At some point you'll become self aware... it really is like a flash of light... and have one of those "Holy shit I'm a completely different person than I was!" moments.

    Until then, it'll be a lot like one guy trying to operate a fire hose :D:
    Basically you've got to value your authenticity to the point where you no longer possess fear. The past and future are both unknown to you and beyond your control, so there is no point worrying about them. You must be as you are, in the present. Express your emotions as they arise and say what you think immediately.

    If you're an INTP (You never know. People get different results all the time depending on how well they understand the MBTI and which tests they take), this will drain you both mentally and physically, but it will also excite you like nothing else. For most INTPs these constant fluctuations between excitement and fatigue wouldn't be sustainable. They'd need breaks of solitude to retain their sanity.

    You could achieve the same effect by, instead of jumping into the rapids of the extrovert and being taken for a ride that's possibly out of your control, finding a compatible introvert on the same clock, so that your tides may rise and fall simultaneously.
    Mine represents both myself and the universe, not because there are two circles, but because I am the universe; I am its product and it is influenced by my decisions. In an odd sort of way, I am you. It's the top down view of a constantly cycling system; the inner circle is expanding outward, and the outer circle, below it, is contracting inward, only to become the inner circle and rise up again.

    The image was made by a schizophrenic friend of mine, stamping over and over.... quite obsessed over it, actually. It's nothing compared to... say... Kaligula's iconography, but hey, it serves its purpose.

    So much like I am two things simultaneously, you are as well. :D
    There's a certain.... focus to it. It broadcasts an interesting shade of detachment.

    What makes it special to you?
    And a second stellar avatar. I might have some competition.

    (Also, if you click "view conversation" and respond there, I'll actually see it. Last time you responded on your own wall lol.)
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