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  • heard some whitechapel, they sound good. check out 'the parasites' by brain drill, and you might also like the faceless.

    oh how could i forget to mention SOD in my favorites, they're really cool for what they are
    they have some great lyrics. "our light-induced image of truth, filtered blank of its substance- as our eyes won't adhere to intuitive lines" <- even rhythmically catchy and rhymes somewhat

    anaal nathrakh is all hyper-aggressive black grindcore, though severely lacks lyrics
    then there's strapping young lad/devin townsend, who i see a lot of people here appreciate too
    i'll still go back to the offspring from time to time, which was my favorite through childhood

    hmm... dir en grey, they might be giants, impaled nazarene, the mars volta, emerson lake and palmer, led zeppelin, dodheimsgard, nasum, pig destroyer, korn, slipknot, system of a down, 40 below summer, fear factory, marduk, mr.downstairs, toxitoys (last two are unsigned ones i found on the internet)
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