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  • I knew it all along.

    But the rules of my sleeper cell did not permit me to disclose until now.
    I've known it a while. Well, as much as someone who doesn't believe in MBTI can know that they're an ENTP. Which isn't really that hard at all considering my type :D

    From the INTPs I know I think it unlikely that there are many INTPs here. This is a social place. It's more likely that they're ENTPs, or some other type altogether.

    Oh well, I'm off to bed 0/
    Are you talking about my Krieger avatar?

    But that was a classic... The penalty for dual wielding screwdrivers was negated by expertise and cocaine... I don't remember blood.
    More extroverted?

    I dunno. I flip personas a bit. Not out of some need to manipulate, but from genuine internal drives interacting with how I perceive my reception. In this case my fear of being wrong or being seen as wrong is absent, so I gladly let go of the otherwise tight grip on my information intake. Hmm... Interesting that it's observable by others.
    It's the opposite of motivated. I'm procrastinating. Influential? Just more pushy I think. That happens when I'm within a context in which anxieties settle down. I swing from reluctant partaker to controlling jerk :^)
    Ah by wut is lyfe? And if it were to be alive, why are you referring to it as an 'it'? Surely 'it' is a 'he', 'she', or 'they'?
    To be honest I was only alive for the last half of the 90s, but the early 2000s were basically just more of the 90s.

    I feel sorry for me, too. At least I've only got a month left where I'll be living full time in this shithole.
    That's a mighty tempting offer. Hmmm.... Do these have to be high quality spirits, or can I mix in some stewbums, politicians, and televangelists?

    Is there a payment plan? And what's the 0-60mph acceleration?
    Interestingly enough, from a relatively young age I've had this idea of an open grassland with a single tree at its center as a place of withdrawal and reflection. Though, my landscape usually had vivid colors as to compensate for them in real life.

    Interesting to hear your response, it's useful to me in future musings and interactions with people.
    Yes. But also feeling curious about it.

    I'm glad it was of use. I figured even if it wasn't I still got to work through own thoughts by writing it, so it was of use to me anyway.

    Makes me curious as to how your situation changed. But if it's a bit private or you don't want to tell, that's entirely ok. I'm still glad it was useful.
    do post results if you ever get through with your music-colours mosaic project :D
    : D

    It wants to get inside the house, but instead it's mocked by placing a straw to the window. It's okay though, because cats are kind of evil at times ):< (I have two so I would know)

    (not mine):

    I like your posts. Sometimes they have startling insights, such as the one about your hospitalisation. It was the last paragraph about dying that got me - I can relate very much.
    When I read your posts I find I agree with your opinions and have arrived at similar opinions on my own, and through similar processes of reasoning.

    We also have similar perspective on drugs based on your recent post,

    I also appreciated your insight in my "six questions about self esteem" thread - which obviously nobody wanted to touch with a 12 foot pole but you went there.
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