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  • "This sounds I might have done back in high school when I couldn't make any sense of the world."

    - You in some thread about broken INTPs or something

    And what now? Have you conquered it? Have you discovered its secrets?

    Hint: It's to have as much sex as possible in the shortest amount of time possible. Then you ascend and become a living god.

    But based on your username we can assume that you've already been there. BUT THAT WOULD BE PAST TENSE MEANING YOU'RE NOT NOW?? SO YOU'RE LIKE SOME KIND OF FALLEN GOD?

    I'm just messing with you though.

    But really. There would be a movie on with like 7 dudes kicking this guys ass, and you'd be all, "Man, if I was the main character right now I'd totally get up and kick all their asses."
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