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  • What's your avatar from? If it's an anime, I really want to watch it... if it's just artwork or something... it's super <3 XD
    Just wanted to say hey since we are both new here. Your username and location made me think of one of my heroes, Nicolaus Copernicus. Prior to his time, the western world believed in the Ptolemaic theory that the earth was the center of the universe. In other words, King Ptolemy believed that everything revolved around his own ego. Copernicus, a quiet academic and man of faith, studied the movement of Mars and Saturn, and then formulated his heliocentric cosmology based on 7 assumptions. It changed the world. Subsequent discoveries revealed the interconnectedness and harmony of all the heavenly bodies. I have often wondered what Ptolemy's reaction would've been if he would've lived long enough to understand the interconnectedness of all things. I believe that Ptolemy and Copernicus were brothers, both searching for the truth.

    Anyways, enough of my jibberish. Welcome again. I hope this wasn't too long for you.
    I've never heard of that one... Maybe I'll check that one later.

    Doesn't matter as long as you play TWEWY sometime. Best DS game easily.
    Oh you have to play it, you'll love it. It's from Square Enix, character design by Tetsuya Nomura (FFVII, Kingdom Hearts), good plot, amazing gameplay... You have to play it.

    Are you watching any anime right now?
    Hmm nice, I like those games too, except Chrono Trigger, I've never played it. I also like listening to music, reading, watching anime, and sleeping haha. Oh and I love Metroid games, and also The World Ends With You.
    An INTP guy, more common than you :P As you may have guessed, my name is Gino (no, I don't live in Italy).

    So, what do you like to do? Hobbies, interests, whatever. (FINAL FANTASY AND OTHER SQUARE ENIX RPGS!? O.O)
    This may sound weird but...

    Great, another female INTP! I love how you don't care if society wants you to be one way, you're an INTP and they can all shut their mouths :D

    Anyway, have fun around here.
    Still figuring all that out. :p
    I considered Anthropology for awhile, but I think I'm going to settle with something related to biotech.
    An astrophysicist?
    If only my university had offered it.....
    It took me ages to decide on a new major, and now I'm certain I despise it.

    Welcome to the forum, you seem like an interesting individual.
    I hope you linger. :)
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