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You are dead to me.


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Today 8:02 AM
Jul 2, 2020
Know what, I wasn't going to give you the time of day, but if I'm being fair, maybe anger is the only thing left to credit my humanity. Soon it will turn to hate. Soon it will be too late. Is this what you wanted? Well you fucking got it. You stripped me layer by layer until my bones are literally showing. I checked the scale today, I'm 5"7, I weigh 98.4lbs. I checked the mirror to see if there was any resemblance, I saw my dark eyes and my empty look and thought" where did it all go so wrong?" I asked myself why I had turned so mean, so ugly. Then it came to me like a lightbulb.
I hope to Lucifer you wake up one day, to find a Yamakagashi snake in your bed, staring at you with the same eyes I have now.
I hope you suffer. Suffer for as long as you've made me. You deserve it. You power hungry low
life coward in disguise. You lost it. But I gained much more. I know who you are, and I know how many you've hurt. There are not enough words in the English language to put to your face, but honestly...
Common, is the best one I can come up with. It's simple, and it describes exactly who and what you are. As common as they come. Why else would you spread so many lies and deceit, to cover up what you really are. My life may end tonight, don't worry, i'll be waiting on the other side for you. Let's just hope for your sake, you're prepared.


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baby marshmallow born today
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Today 9:02 AM
Apr 4, 2010
I met lucifer once. She was inside my dream. She is pure gold. Full of beauty and love. Yes, confusion is everywhere. Yahweh is evil. But in the abstract means breathe. Just as Lucifer is Venus goddess of love. Silly to say God is breathe yet God is love and love is evil? logic does not work in the bible. You can only reason your way through it and still, everything mostly is crap. No one knows the truth. Confusion that is only cleared in the occult but not evil. there is no single destination yet illuminism is true. no one can make you Illuminati, you have to become it yourself.


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Today 5:02 PM
Jan 15, 2008
This is like how i experince how others experiece me One gets used to it.
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