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Top five favorite movies


guud languager
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Today, 04:42
Sep 25, 2008
The Fountain is absolutely phenomenal stuff. I rewatch it on a regular basis.
Yeah, it's powerful for me -- I think mortality and how we grapple with loss is a theme that has always resonated with me. I think watching all the stars emerge during the closing credits is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in a movie... truth and beauty are merged.

Cannot think of 5 good ones myself. I watched Grand Budapest Hotel on an airplane recently. It was actually very good.
It's been on my list a long time, especially with Fiennes cast in an unexpected way... I still need to watch it.

Ooh I got one:
Eyes Wide Shut
Saw it once. I need to watch it again. With Kubrick movies, I think the first viewing is just trying to take everything in. But I will need another pass to actually start assessing it.
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Today, 04:42
Feb 26, 2018
Old thread, but I like the topic, so I'm going to reply.
For me, five standouts, in no particular order:
-Blade Runner
-2001: A Space Odyssey
-Ghost in the Shell
- A Clockwork Orange
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