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Samsung Health App


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Yesterday, 20:21
Jan 17, 2016
Northwest US

Just wanted to share that I am really rocking my Samsung Health app. I usually don't make lists. However, I do keep track of important things--long term things.

My new Samsung S 6 alerted me to its health app. It monitors steps, kcalories, heart rate, O2 sats, weight, blood glucose (you have to prick your own finger and enter data), and stress level. I googled how it measures stress and it is via the HRV (heart rate variability), or beat-to-beat variability, which can go down in times of stress or CHD.

I have myself on a 1000 kcal diet and am actively trying to lose weight now. My app is helping me do this because it's fun to input the data and see tangible improvement in my numbers. It is kind of nerdy I think, but it works for me. I also am more driven to take walks now so it won't tell me I need to 'be more active'.

The sensor near the back facing camera measures the heart rate, stress level, and O2 sats.

Does anyone else use this app?


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Today, 03:21
May 16, 2015
Birmingham, UK
I had a handful of apps before my phone drowned..
Can't say I ever remembered to use them.
I know my heart rates up when I've ran out of breathe xD

I'm actually itching to get on some scales... every persons house I've been to, the scales have been broken.

I got up to 11st at one point in 2015 - the most I've ever weighed.
Up from 9 1/2st in 2014 - (I didn't see 10 on the scales :phear: )

Anyway, I set out to loose weight, and I think I have - I think, I'll be about the 9 1/2 - 10st make again now.. But I need to confirm.

What I need is a bloody trip down the docs.. I've not been in over a year, since I decided to come off my contraception method.. The contraceptive which I was on is only supposed to be used for up to to 2-3 years - but I'd been on it for 6 .. and since I'm sure the doctors are more interested in killing us than keeping us alive, I decided to come off it myself...

But it's a pain in the ass having to worry about it all the time - so I think I might go back on it. Most women moan that contraceptives make them fat, but I got fatter whilst off mine - I don't know if there's any correlation there at all.

(Oh yea, I weren't getting any aha - Nothing like a healthy sex life to burn off the calories)
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