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Noble Status


A Master From Germany
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Today, 06:28
Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
Since some have posted threads here, I had to do permissions for this sub-forum to stop that thing --- General is for Forum announcements etc. etc. --- which means setting permissions for each user-group separately.

Idiotically XenForo collapses node ( = sub-forum ) moderation permissions in each node ( ! ) , so one can easily give everyone super-deletion powers or whatever... Every damn user-group.


Still I looked at the current state of play for Noble Users; I forget the criteria under vBulletin. Now, Registered Users go on to Noble Users after 12 posts.

But under vBull that meant their Primary group changed; here they are just added to Noble Users as a Secondary group.
Explanation here.



I really do find XF Devs excessively morose, even in an era when most Devs are getting: Do It This Way, Puny User !
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