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Need Programming Career advice

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Yesterday, 16:14
Jan 14, 2017
Hello all,
I just graduated (meng ECE). During graduation, all my time went into the projects and studying for the classes as I took studies seriously. I graduated with good grades. During my free time, I programmed in scripting languages like AHK for automation software for my own use.
Right now, I am confused about what to learn for getting a full-time job. The paths I see are
1) Web Developer which needs javascript, Nodes.js, angular.js
2) Java
3) python
I love to solve complex problems and completed my projects using scripts which saved time. My interests include automation, mobile app development, website development.
I have experience with PHP, Wordpress, HTML, CSS.
I feel like Jack of all trades but master of none.
I can't decide which path to select and proceed and want to end this overthinking loop.


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Yesterday, 18:14
Jan 24, 2013
Damn, where is @Architect when you really need him.
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Yesterday, 19:14
Jun 9, 2012
Find companies you want to work for, research that company. What do they need? Learn that. Do not be a jack of all trades on your resume, be a perfect fit for the job they offer. Tailor yourself to the job you are applying for.

Go to events / meetups related to your field, shake some hands, get some references.

Lastly, why the hell are you asking for career advice here? Go see a career counselor.

Edit: never think you are not good enough to apply. never think you are too good to apply.
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