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guud languager
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Sep 25, 2008

Basic gist -- light fun, enjoyable, not a ton of substance or long-term impact on the MCU. Enjoyable but not resonant or thought-provoking.

Watched Netflix's Bright and Tomb Raider (2018).

Bright hits the feels since I did emphatize with how Jakoby was treated. I liked its message though. Even if you're socially handicapped by birth, you can still earn your "bloodied" status with the skills and abilities you are born with.
Some of the critics really hated Bright. I thought it was pretty nice. I mean, yeah, it's not a high-brow film. it was more a street-level, gritty buddy movie that used Tolkienesque races to talk about race, and the need to understand the community you are dealing with. (The orcs were pretty interesting... and they didn't pull any punches here.) I thought the high elves were fucking awesome -- we always joke about this in our RPGs, how snooty the elves are, and this was totes stuck-up biatchness. Noomi Rapace was so great, I hated her so much, lol. And Joel Edgerton is typically good in anything as a serious solid actor, and then you get Will Smith to do the "audience connection" role.

It was something to see him beat a fairy to death with a broom in the first few minutes. This isn't just your grandmother's fantasy movie. I hated how Suicide Squad turned out (with Ayer), I liked this much better... and he knows how to make cop buddy films (e.g., Training Day, End of Watch).

Tomb Raider has gritty fight scenes and stunts which were nicely executed. The arrows were a bit stupid (or probably poisoned) but I guess I just need more suspension of disbelief. However, the Jolie films might have spoiled me a bit so Vikander seems to be a little off. The Lara I know is confident in her skin and can best any enemy. This one just gets her butt kicked, a lot. Then again I played the more mature Lara Croft in my younger years rather than the more naive reboot so there's that.
Yeah, I have not seen it yet (I'd like to). I've played most of the video games over the last twenty years, including about two hours into the reboot Lara which I think this movie is trying to capture / parallel. So yes, this is her first adventure, and she's like what, a teenager / early 20's? So she has no confidence or experience yet, this was her introduction. Hopefully she shows a lot of moxie in the film, even if her skills aren't yet up to par with what we know of her.
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