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Kurt Cobain

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Apr 19, 2014
Objects in the mirror might look closer than they
I know this have been discussed too many times already in every damn forum but i wanted to know opinions from the core members of this place as you seem to be quite a few steps beyond human average comprehension.
Was Cobain an ISFP or an INFP? to what point does drugs change your impression on him/others?
Here's a really rare interview i recently saw in which he is not in his normal everpresent state of jukieness.


great compilation of non junky state private interviews about personal life:


This also might help me to determine my definitive type which i know now that's not ENTJ.
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Jan 18, 2011
Definitely INFP. Intuitives can still seek out sensual experiences just like any other person. It's tempting, and also drugs can help some people seek out "deeper" meanings.

Also, my personal opinion is that his suicide (and his note seems to support this) was based on his dissatisfaction with the overt sensing experiences of being a famous musician (drugs, crowd cheering, etc). It got in the way of his search for meaning (intuition).

Also just because he's an Intuitive doesn't mean he can't have a well-developed sensing trait.
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