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Kevin O'Leary - Type


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Today, 03:13
Jan 8, 2013
US of A
You guys know 'Mr. Wonderful'? I think he is INTP. I is very logical and really lacks in the Fe department. He is definitely a thinker type. There is also his adherence to the 'cold hard truth' which are some books he has written. Anyone read them?

What would you people type him as?


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Today, 21:13
Feb 15, 2016
suspended animation
All I can find are his prepared speeches and some interviews, but that doesn`t exactly clarify what his type is one way or the other. He seems to know what he`s talking about and is very soft spoken and polite as I can see.

I think you mean that he lacks in the "Fi" department, in which case I agree from what I see. Most business types are ESTPs, so being an INTP would put him at odds with working in a cutthroat, dog eat dog business-type environment where forming human connections and maintaining those connections, as well as salesmanship are paramount qualities to have.

He surely doesn`t seem to be able to shy away much from the public eye either, being a "noted television personality." Some articles even go as far as calling him a "blowhard." So I really have no clue. This is the first time that I`ve heard about him. I was like "No, Mr. Wonderful is Paul Orndoff." LOL

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Today, 11:13
Nov 20, 2013
Pluto, solar system
Why? INTPs love Fe... :confused:
He is very clear extrovert high in Te. I think ESTX without doing further research.
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