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Today, 19:20
Jan 11, 2017
Hello everyone, i'am still wondering between INTP and INFJ, here is the what i posted on another forum. Can you please give me some insight? Thanks

The reasons i think i might be an INTP are:

  • I have a very hard time to understand my emotions and even a harder time to expressing them. I can go into sudden rage for no reason or not getting angry when i should normally have. I even have a hard time telling what i feel at the moment.
  • I like that everything makes sense and when i'am unable to understand something i will try to see how it can fit with what i already know in order to be sure that it makes sense. If a fact goes against what i believe is true, i will try to understand where my view can be false or by reviewing everything i know about the subject, if i cannot insert the new fact i will reject it as most probably false until i have new input about it.
  • I tend to think a lot about who i'am and how i act in order for me and my action to make sens. .Even when i enjoy an activity i try to figure out how it makes sense. For exemple i dislike tennis because i think hitting a ball with a racket just doesn't make any sens. I prefer martial arts since they have a practical approach and it makes more sense practicing them since they offer a lot of advantages as well as self defense. Hence i had a hard time every time i have to choose a new activity since it should fit with everything else.
  • I love to compare things and classify them. For exemple music by genres and genres by sub-genres. And get very angry at people who don't try to understand classifications correctly.
  • I'am pretty sure of using Si over Se (but maybe i'am wrong?). I like to remember past impressions of things rather than actual feeling. When i taste i new kind of food i automatically try to compare it to past experiences. This is very annoying since i tend to not being able to enjoy the moment since i always compare and think of "what if". What if i have chosen another ice cream? Would it have been better? What if we went to this other restaurant instead? We would have spend a way better night'?...
  • Another thing that might lead to Si is that i need to organise my memories, in order somehow that they look like a series and each one like an episode that fit in the right category and right time frame. I can loose my mind if a have memories i cannot order properly (however that was more when i was young, now i learnt to let go of that and accept life and its events to come as they arrive).
The reasons why i think i might be an INFJ:

  • I'am way more a dreamer than a scientist or mathematician. I have a lot of imagination and like to invent weird sci-fi stories.
  • Even thought i'am still skeptical i love everything about the paranormal. Tarot cards, Astrology, Magic, Past lives,...
  • I actually really do believe that i was born with a mission. When i was a kid i really believed i was a hero that was supposed to save the world, i somehow still believe :p
  • Even thought i have bad days where i hate everyone. I actually like people and like helping others. I love making people happy and feeling loved by others. However i'am often unable to do so since i'am unable to get social interactions properly and even express myself properly, i also feel that people are weird and unpredictable and too much into their biased view of the world to get what is important and get along with each others. So i end up preferring staying by myself or only with the few people that i like and can understand. The ones who deserve my time :p
  • I'am not that good with maths and prefer books (however i'am not too much into fiction and prefer things that i can relate to the real world).
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