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i'm not an engineer, i'm an artist.


One atom of me
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Today, 14:51
Jul 27, 2013
Between concrete walls
I remember when I was small kid, in kindergarden I would constantly draw stuff like, planes, cars, machines, robots, trains, weapons, and stuff that was stereotypical boy stuff. I even used to draw cockpits of airplanes. Id set out to designe a cockpit of airplane and I would go as far as even thinking about ergonomics, before I even knew what ergonomics was. I would think where every button and display had to be and how the stick and rudder had to be placed. I would designe all kinds of catapults, bombers and whatever I saw on tv or in a book. Its only later in life I got the artsy fartsy vibe and did animals and plants and landscapes. Maybe it started with ninja turtles and power rangers and I sort of progressed into more boring stuff. I still did technology stuff though. Id do space shuttles, various space ships and whatever. I even had obsession with drawing aircraft carriers.

But these days I could easily get entertained with drawing horses or nudes or whatever.
You sound a lot like my older brother. He's obsessed with aircraft, trains, boats, etc. He made perfect Lego models of real-life ships my father sailed on, just from memory, and he spent all his free time building model aircraft. He could pick the name and type of aircraft just from listening to its engine, and he knew all the different models of both fighter planes and trains/locomotives. He went on to become a shipping electrician, specialising in highly technical/computerised seismiographic equipped ships, then moved on to the railways and worked there for many years. In his free time he designs and constructs VR real-life replicas of common airports and trainstations/lines for flightSIM, etc. He even ended up designing stuff for the US airforce simulators but refused to take payment for it as he said he would stop enjoying his hobby if he started accepting money for his work.

He's now semi-retired, but still spends all his time doing VR designs.

Did you ever end up working in your field of interest?
Nah I didnt go as far as that. Though I still have kind of inclindation there. No my job has nothing to do with technology.


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Today, 15:51
Aug 31, 2019
I have a very deep love of music, and enjoy many genres. I also play a bit of guitar, and sing.

I am starting to enjoy poetry, and dabble in it myself, but more often than not I find it pretentious without having much substance. Lingually, I find beauty in insights communicated well through both logic and pathos. Stuff that appeals to both my mind and heart. I hope it's clear what I mean by that.

I can appreciate visual arts, but tend to prefer beautiful, functional objects. I like aesthetics in clothes (not fashion. Like Wilde said: Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. ), architecture, furniture, font design... stuff like that. I am beginning to like paintings, which is probably a delayed appreciation because I hate exhibitions - too many distractions for me to enjoy aesthetics.

I'll stop rambling about different art forms now - yeah, I like art!

On math... I used to be ambivalent to it. I'm a slow, thorough thinker, and the math curriculum tended to move too quickly for me to really enjoy it. Math is the ultimate tool to achieve insight, though, and insight is my ultimate ambition. The older I get, the more I like math. I think that is because I am becoming less afraid of it. When I explore it on my own, delving into the aspects of it I would like to understand better, taking my time with it... I really love it. It is becoming one of my favorite things. There is beauty in math. Not beauty like in music, which you sometimes (pretentiously?) hear compared to the beauty of music. Math has it's own kind of beauty. That moment of insight when you finally understand a principle is my favorite feeling in the world.

I'm an INTP and I love art. I've been really good at it too - I've won several awards for it. Most of my old friends still remember me for my art. I haven't spoken to them for probably a decade. My favorite art always had a social meaning to it though, so it had a message rather than be art for the sake of art. But from an aesthetics perspective you would think that I'm INFP due to how precise I can get.
Would you consider sharing something?
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