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How INTPs as musicians?

Jul 27, 2016
Hi, in advance sorry for my grammar:) as the title suggest,, i wonder how INTPs as musicians,, and do you know any INTPs musicians?(famous or not famous) i mean i love science and all,, im a computer geek etc. but i decided to pursue career of a musician,, something about making music attracts me,, and im listening to music whenever i can,, it is one of passions from childhood,, i always wanted to sing though and was sinning quite a lot,, enjoyed it a lot also,, but since my voice isnt that great i decided to just make music....... by no means im gonna stop working on my dream depending on the results of this thread,, but i dont mind a little inspiration:) or a discouragement if it comes to that:) both types of posts appreciated....... thanks


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May 27, 2011
South Florida
I'm INTP and also very into music. I've tried to compose music in the past, but have discovered I'm more of an admirer of art than an artist. I don't believe it's a limitation of type, however, so don't be discouraged.

The world needs more music... it is such a pure form of communication.
Oct 27, 2016
Buckethead is often attributed as being an INTP. Richard D James (Aphex Twin) also. I think there are probably more INFPs in music than INTPs but INTP musicians are probably less likely to be the "front man/woman" or leader of a band so maybe they just aren't noticed as much. We aren't exactly the attention seeking type after all. My guess is there are more INTPs in electronic music or making film/tv/videogame scores as well, since those things are easier to do alone.

I think the biggest hurdle for being a musician as an INTP is staying dedicated to it. INTPs are sort of known for being a bit flaky and having a million different interests/hobbies none of which they stay 100% dedicated to. Music is really something that requires you to focus on for many years.

One of the reasons Buckethead is commonly typed as an INTP is because when he was in bands he was constantly not showing up, always late, etc...plus he literally hides behind a mask on stage. He also puts out a ridiculous number of songs/albums (he has released over 100 hours of music over the last few years) but they often feel like cool grab bags of ideas rather than highly focused and completed songs. Richard D James similarly has also done interviews in the past where he said he had hundreds of unreleased tracks and relied on friends to tell him which ones to actually release.

I am a computer geek by trade but my strongest interest in life has always been music, both appreciating it and making it (I play guitar and piano). Yeah I know an INTP computer geek, who would have thought? :p


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Apr 2, 2017
I'm an INTP and I'm a musician. It's totally normal that you'd be drawn to music since music in and of itself is mathematical and is kind of a science in terms of its creation. I find that composing is the best as an INTP musician, you can orchestrate out your various ideas that sporadically come to mind as you write and construct it together from the madness. Or at least that's what I do. I've always been attracted to music, especially classical music and metal (started as a 2nd grader playing clarinet, tuba, and singing here and there all throughout my school life until I graduated). Metal is a playground for an INTP since it doesn't necessarily follow the generic formula of other music genres, and often has heavy influence from Classical music. But just as any other science or computer program, it takes a bit of learning and playing around with it to really get it. Don't get discouraged, it's about having fun, and letting your mind go crazy on different ideas and getting them to fit together.


Aug 8, 2016
This is a great subject.

I test most often as INTP and I'm a musician/songwriter. My career background is IT and has become Project Management but I've been heavily involved in music, releasing a few records when I was younger and during that time it had developed a very computer-based slant, although it started out with guitars.

I'm not sure I strictly believe in the types anyway but can relate to loads of stuff on this forum very well. I think you have to find the type that most closely resembles you but nevertheless it won't contain you. I was the classic INTP kid during education, proving myself to be probably the most intellectually capable in various spheres but then nearly dropping out at several points and basically refusing to do any set work.

My house is full of books on all sorts of subjects. I'm interested in everything. At the same time I suffer from massive career dissatisfaction and never feel like I'm somewhere I want to be. I need to start my own thing rather than work for some company. I've always felt bewildered somewhat by all the options. Like every day I am certain I should do x but then by the evening it's become something else. I think a lot of you guys can relate to that.

I loved music but I used to tell my dad I was only good at it becuase I was playing with it in a mathematical sort of way. This wasn't entirely true though as often the best stuff I came up with really came from some sort of feeling place. However understanding it from a logical point of view enabled me to progress technically quite quickly although I was self-taught.

I'm also naturally a good singer and was good at art and design; I possess a strong aesthetic sense. Does this make me an F-type? I don't think it's that simple. I think there's a tendency to assume that because someone pursues the arts they must prefer feeling over thinking. Perhaps the more juvenile feeling function (if the functions really exist) can be helpful in music inspiration and the more mature thinking helps figure out the technical stuff (I was always a home studio guy).

My preferences are most likely INTP but I've also wondered about ENTP, INTJ and maybe some NF counterparts.
May 10, 2017
I am an INTP musician. I play many instruments (trombone, trumpet, clarinet, piano, guitar, fiddle, other smaller assorted instruments) and am first chair in the concert band I belong to. I have synesthesia so I see music. I don't actually care about the theory behind music and I just am good at playing it because I can see/feel/interpret music in a weird way.


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May 2, 2016
There's a trend I notice involving INTPs being very good at (and into) either learning languages, or making/playing music.


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Mar 14, 2010
I listen to music almost all the time, no matter what I'm doing, unless I'm listening to someone talk. I could sooo see INTPs being musicians, but I doubt it's very profitable. Maybe with the internet and youtube, it's easier to get exposure and you can find enough people that like it to get some money for it?

But really all the money seems to be in people using their voice to make music. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of interesting sounds you can make with instruments, the average person wants to hear a nice voice that sings a song, not one that plays on the imagination and its emotional landscapes. Maybe it's introvert vs extrovert appreciation of music or something. But it kind of sucks. Most people really seem to love the sound of a voice more than appreciation of sound in general.
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