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Empathy Intelligence


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Apr 4, 2010
This intelligences are actually abilities but if we take intelligence to mean broadly (handle information) then these are intelligence colloquial.

emotional intelligence
knowing how a person is feeling (that's it)
knowing where the boundaries are

social intelligence
associated with theory of mind and relationships
understanding motivations and influencing others

psychological intelligence
beyond predicting what others will do, understanding why motivations exist at all, why a mental life?
getting at the core of development and why people are the way they are from biological and life factors.

empathy is about seeing into the subjectivity of another. in any form that takes place that is empathy.

having more or less empathy would just be the information you have/handle which by above would equate to an intelligence.

empathy as a shared bond is an appropriate way to think of empathy but one can understand deeply another person and not necessarily share the same subjective reality. empathy is not solely about positive or negative states.
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