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DXM and flying

Minute Squirrel

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Today, 20:04
Jan 9, 2016
I'm about to fly to Jamaica.

I wanna take some DXM but I've only taken it once and it didn't do anything for me. I felt a little weird but I've gotten higher off a cig. So I'm about to take 7kg/mg right before I go to the tsa.

Now, I already know this is kind of a bad idea. It's even worse because I'm going on a Christian mission trip(I'm not a Christian but it was basically free(to long a story to get into)) plus it's a pretty conservative denomination(SDA). What I'm asking is if this is a kinda bad idea or a RELLY terrible idea?

Now I just also want to say that I love tripping balls. Well at least I like the idea of it, ive never actually tripped bfore. But still I think that tripping on a 9hr flight might be fun. So I'm asking any of you degenerates who've done DXM if I seem correct in my assessment.


Too busy thinking to make any decisions.
Local time
Today, 15:04
Aug 21, 2015
Horrible idea. Unless you wanna be puking and time traveling in an airborne plane. Fuck DXM.
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