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1984 Hosting Hit In Iceland


A Master From Germany
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Today, 20:49
Jul 8, 2007
Where The Snakes Are
No particular reason, and we are not connected with them, but a recent ... meltdown at one of Iceland's major hosting companies is sufficiently odd.

Earlier I looked at email, a rare enough thing, and there was a takedown notice ( kinda ) for my blog, which is not something I now update. The last was predicting the Triumph of The Trump, the night he won.

So I finally found/removed the offending flv, since they didn't say what entry, just the name of the file, and it was from 2007, a youtube of the Ronettes singing Be My Baby, which itself was from the 1960s...

I then began looking for some host that would eventually be better, outside the American reach: and Iceland seemed strongly recommended. And came across this weird happening.

Easiest to show in a parade of pages:

We have suffered a massive failure and are attempting to recover what we can. Be sure to know that we are not catching a shut eye until we have a clear picture of what can be done and what we can do to proceed!


During the evening of Wednesday 15th November 2017 (17:20 PM UTC), we started to receive alarms that some of our server infrastructure hosted in 1984.is was no longer reachable. It has not been the first time that 1984.is has received denial of service attacks so we decided to wait how things were progressing. On the morning of 16th, we received the bad news. 1984.is has suffered from a severe hardware failure.


The first sectors of the disks ( in the blades ) began spontaneously self-destructing.

Icelander here.

They have offsite backups for almost everything that was lost and have been working round the clock to get those backups online. Nobody knows excactly what happened yet, their machines just sort of died one by one right in front of their eyes :/

A full scale investigation is under way with the aid of the Post and Telecom Administrations cyber crime unit which will hopefully give some answers in the coming days.

Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/webhosting/comments/7dbqwv/one_of_icelands_biggest_hosting_providers_is_down/?st=jajbbv4v&sh=00b9ca81

No-one has apparently suggested sabotage. However 1984.is is a rather left, green company that hosts sites that might not be universally beloved.

A strange affair indeed.

And like Chito and Yuuri, in this depiction by Bison Cangshu, raise our glasses hoping good luck !



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Today, 16:49
Nov 19, 2018
I need to denounce to the company hosting: 1984, they are a few swindlers. And I say it because I have been a victim of them on having contracted his services last July 14, 2018 and not having received later my website. It looks like to me a lack of respect that being a company hosting so recognized in the world and Iceland, they realize this type of swindles and end remaining with the money of the persons who trust in this recognition that gives them in Internet. My website was never available, I have contacted from the date these persons and have not received any class of response.
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