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  1. Radioactive_Springtime

    What would be the worst Evil person's type?

    YouTube- MATRIX RELOADED. The Architect the architect. sounds like the ultimate INTP to me
  2. Radioactive_Springtime

    Warning: spooky thread.

    can't say that I've ever had anything like that happen to me.
  3. Radioactive_Springtime

    What would be the worst Evil person's type?

    Im beggining to think "Good and Evil" are both F traits. I gave up on moral absolutes because of Ti.
  4. Radioactive_Springtime

    Save me!

    you could amputate the leg
  5. Radioactive_Springtime


    Considering I've spent the majority of my time since middle school obsessed with zombies, I'd like to pretend I'm an expert. It really depends on the series/work you are talking about. The shambling corpses would not bleed because of reasons mentioned above. However the Living Dead "Romero"...
  6. Radioactive_Springtime

    MMO Classes

    the remake of Silent Hill is supposedly going to have an engine that examines youre style of play based on on MBTI types, and changes the gameplay to fit your personality. although I havnt heard much.
  7. Radioactive_Springtime


    blame einstein, gotcha
  8. Radioactive_Springtime

    Introverts = Night Owls?

    I've always been a night owl, I usually do my best thinking and conversing in the wee hours of the morning. I usually don't make it to sleep before 3am.
  9. Radioactive_Springtime


    Lately I've noticed time goes by faster and faster. It started with work shifts going seemingly getting shorter, when they certainly are not, and then I noticed cigarettes seem to last less and less. It may just be me, any thoughts?
  10. Radioactive_Springtime

    INTP friends?

    One of my best friends is a fellow INTP. We share the same interests and unfortunately the same endless sense of Nihilism. I'm glad though because he's far more socially mature than I am, and has an almost endless patience when helping me through my own problems.
  11. Radioactive_Springtime

    Some INTP-related questions...

    I got the "Apply yourself" lectures starting in the 5th grade. Throughout high school I was a D student. I graduated around 350th of a 600 person class. I cared little for homework and tests and routinely outsmarted most of the people in my class. I'm paying for it now since I'm stuck in...
  12. Radioactive_Springtime

    What would be the worst Evil person's type?

    I believe it would be an INTP. I'm basing this off of my own experience from highschool. I gave a persuasive speech in an English class. My topic of choice; the 14 points of fascism in the American government (specifically under George W Bush). I went up to the podium without a written speech, I...
  13. Radioactive_Springtime

    Which INTP type are you?

    "the stoner" or "the saboteur"
  14. Radioactive_Springtime

    wow i got a new type istp

    taken the test probably 30 times, i got INTP for at least 25 of those times, and INFP the remaining times.
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