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  • Is there anything interesting there?
    (Or are you imagining purple buffalo?!?)
    ...Sorry, too much time on my hands.
    ...Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn...
    *Offers up a goblet filled with the blood of a freshly baptized infant*
    Drink, and be Corrupted.
    Oh dear...
    I'm not sure what to say, aside from saying you have proven a worthy adversary.
    ...I think this has degenerated from being shocking to being simply outrageously silly, but I'm okay with this.

    Edit: Damnit, I can't get it to show the video.
    Forgive my derp and follow the link, please.
    Damn, you're good at this...
    It's almost as if you've had practice at dealing with people like me.
    En Garde!
    A palm to the face and a ba-dum tss to your statements, respectively..

    Quickly, mention something that's emotionally charged!
    If you had unholy magicks at your disposal, I'm sure you could manage.
    So, do you intend to melt their faces off in retaliation?
    That would be absolutely wonderful...
    Although, to be honest, I'd probably just use what I learn from the libraries there to fulfill my long-standing dream of becoming a master necromancer, eventually turning myself into a lich and marching my undead armies across the world...
    ...Anyway, you were saying?
    ...My interest is piqued.
    Reminds me of the crude disassembly of Animal Farm we had to do in English, though...
    I like the book, but that class is horrid. English is a class that sure as hell needs teaching, but the teachers (all the ones I've had, at least) have been completely ineffectual.
    I'm familiar with the novella, but not with the movie.
    *One trek to wikipedia later...*
    Robin Williams in a serious drama? Oh, now I'm interested in seeing it.
    Well, today was a rather dreary day. Nothing special. The clouds released minimal amounts of snow and sun hid from the day. As for school, it remains a chore. I had a noted lack of a drama class, although I didn't sign up for one, as it is not my forte. As for the highlight of my day: Probably the time I'm spending right now on my computer, faffing about the Internet until I go to sleep.

    I'm original, I know.
    Don't worry, any terminology of mine has been learned over the past couple of months. I never really listened to more music in the past, but I have been much more as of late. I'm enjoying the change.

    Well, that depends. If it's composed of stuff like this, I'd love it.
    I haven't looked to extensively into it, but I generally like post rock.

    If you're looking for other instrumental stuff (a bit different than Hammock, but still), you might like the band Mono.
    Well, some of the songs will be a little "heavier", but you could try the album that Oblivion Ocean is from. Entropia, by Pain of Salvation.
    If'n you be too lazy to look up the songs in the album, then it's yer lucky day.
    I understand your reservations, but I assure you that it's not all nearly so bad as you think. In fact, there's quite a bit of metal that doesn't involve any screaming, if that's what came to mind. (I actually can't stand most screaming.)

    Note, most of the metal I listen to is progressive metal. I've been on a prog metal/rock binge for the past few months.

    While this isn't my favorite song, know that it is by a prog rock/metal band, but I hardly think it'll scare you away.
    (Completely understandable if you still don't like it, but I just want to dispel any possible misconceptions)
    (Whew. That was my longest message in a while.)
    I restrain myself from expressing distaste, and nod politely at your listing of groups.
    All the while, my headphones are blasting metal.
    It was a good time.
    The probability of me already having asked this is nearly 100%, but if so then I don't remember the answer, so I ask anyway.
    What kind of music do you listen to/What are some of your favorite bands?
    It's likely more of a life than I've got. If anybody mentions dating near me, the friend nearest me will give a quip about how I'm in a romantic relationship with my laptop. >.<
    Also, for me, it is technically Friday as of a half hour ago, so good luck with your paper! (Completely after the fact, of course, unless you procrastinate even harder than I do. If that's the case, I applaud you.)
    Usually, I would simply comment on the lack of topic, thereby passing the burden of topic-dom to you in a relatively subtle fashion.
    I am far too tired at the moment for such silly business.
    Therefore, I will be outright in saying that I have absolutely no idea regarding a topic tonight, so you'll either have to come up with one or stall until tomorrow when I'll likely have something.
    Best of luck, in any case.
    This is no conversation! This is...
    An astonishingly profound discussion of philosophy and society?

    Well, I feel like I should honor the upcoming occasion, although I've no idea how.
    I congratulate your good fortune. Unfortunately, my school operates off of trimesters, not semesters, and so my classes remain as monotonous as ever.
    I admit to feeling considerable curiosity at your first statement.
    Regarding the second, I can only give a sagely nod.
    I'm not sure what to say here, so I'll complain about how I'm sick, and how much being sick sucks.
    I'm sick, and being sick sucks.
    This disappointment is shared. Or, would be, hypothetically.
    Then again, I don't think it would. Should the cause for disappointment actually happen, that in itself would be the destruction of the medium through which the disappointment would be shared.
    It's the gesture that counts, or some such silliness.
    Gah. It would have been difficult not to.
    I'm more or less apathetic at this point. Utterly ridiculous laws are constantly proposed (and altogether too frequently passed) here in the states, so I wouldn't have been altogether surprised at this one getting through, although the resistance is pleasing idealistically.
    (Now if only people united in such a way against other unjust laws, as well...)
    It's rather annoying, I agree. Still, occasional pauses are entirely acceptable, especially considering that this is a fairly small site. Such places have the nasty habit of ceasing to exist, seemingly out of the blue. A few days down here or there is much preferred.
    Oh, but movies must be judged exclusively from their trailer, just as books must not be read, simply valued by their cover!
    Hmm... My favorite would probably be "Seven Samurai".
    Lord of the Rings is close, especially because the movies did great honor to the books, at least in comparison to most movies based off of books.
    How to you feel about the movie they're making of The Hobbit?
    It's quite cold today. I've received virtually no snow this winter, which is remarkable where I live.
    I don't particularly care for the cold, so it's pretty unpleasant.
    Sounds fairly terrible, depending.
    I mean, if they're giving you methods to write music, then it's a waste of time. Music theory is important, though, even if you're one of the more intuitive musicians.
    Err, not that I really know what I'm talking about, but hey. I reserve the right to stick my nose into any matter and express likely erroneous opinions regarding things in which I am uneducated.
    Your family sounds absolutely wonderful.
    *Cue movie involving wacky family switch, with the heavy-handed lesson being "the grass isn't always greener on the other side".*
    *Stoic Beverage is portrayed by Sean Connery.*
    *Nocturne is portrayed by... Uh... An unspecified female actor.*
    My family generally complains about how I spend too much time in my room, and that they never see me. Yet, if ever I want to play chess, backgammon, risk, monopoly, etc., nobody wants to play.
    Man, I haven't played Monopoly in years. Even when I did, my sister would always demand to be the banker, and would use her closeness to the money to cheat blatantly.
    Well, I'm sorry to hear that, though I don't suppose it's much aid. It always is extremely annoying when friends have their lives revolving around finding a mate. As for the P.E. ...
    *Tearful salute*
    Good luck.
    I'll be sure to tell the bastard off the next time I get a good look at him.

    Sigh is right. To make things more interesting, though, I didn't sleep the night before, so I spent most of the day applying all of my considerable cunning toward not seeming like I'm drowsing.
    Ooh, very nicely done. I wish I could quote with such adroitness.

    And, as I once heard a wise man say, "I wish I could quote with such adroitness."
    ...Upon investigation, my kindle has the smell of citrus...
    I am confused, but pleased.

    Also, I only betray them because they are dying anyway. I accepted it when pretty much every bookstore in the state shut down.
    B-but hey, look at this nifty e-ink display!
    You can read ridiculous amounts of illegally downloaded books even in direct sunlight!
    I thought I was the same.
    So, in efforts to be more adaptable, I have a confession to make.
    I bought a kindle.
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