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  • Lulz. Yeah, I understand the awkwardness. It is mutual. Sure, I will think of something or perhaps you will. We will make this work some time. Just for the record I am super jealous of you going to that event. Oh, is there a certain kind of cuisine you really like? I've been on a "try new restaurants" bender. If I find one that fits with what you like I might invite you to lunch...totally not a date. ;)
    Oh! Oh! I want to and I do so dearly love Powell's but the 18th is bad for me. I have two doctor appointments and a Frank's Noodle House date. I'm sorry. That does sound really interesting though and I would like to meet you. We will have to work something out for a different time.
    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing so much about your grandpa in the one thread about parents. I appreciate how you gave such a very fair and personal description of him, it made him seem very real to me -- he wasn't perfect, but it was clear you guys had something authentic in your relationship and he meant a great deal to you.
    Ok it's really simple. On both threads you said something funny which made me go "harddy har har" in my head which, of course, reminds me of Season 1 Episode 2 "Bart the Genius".

    Since the first time it was math related, I thought I'd just start with the equation and go from there.
    Interesting. Would you be willing to tell me what it's called? I respect your privacy and right to not tell me of course but I do so love booksies. :angel:
    Thanks for taking me seriously with your response. Sometimes an INTP needs to hear that feeling an emotion, whatever that emotion may be, is perfectly normal and appropriate.
    How old are you? What is your gender? Where are you from?

    Sorry for being overly interested. My interest in you is genuine though. hehe :D
    I don't know you yet. But I may like you.
    So yeah. Nice to meet you.. I am Duncan. :)
    How are you?
    It's going to be so good when you get to that bit, I wish I could be there to watch the look on your face, set up a webcam or take a photo or something please!
    That's pretty cool, I didn't even see it until a few years ago. I can't recall of it, but I remember the propaganda / battle scenes being the best parts.

    Yea, Fritz has the X rating but besides that it's a great film.

    Haven't really seen anything like either of these two, they're pretty unique. It kinda makes me want to explore all of 70s/80s independent animation.
    Aw, I tried but it was 292 characters too long. Apparently sigs are limited to only 500. How disappointing. Oh well, as you can probably tell I was thoroughly amused by it.
    "I do think that Zago is in the Freak Out period of his life. His frontal lobe is close to full development and the conflict of the dominating Feel Good fighting for its last rights coupled with Rational Thought taking its front seat position finally, instead of circumventing impulse, as has been the case in the previous quarter century, is causing him to jump up and down on an imaginary soapbox upchucking everything the swiriling mass of near full brain development coupled with the height of bodily youth being just over the summit staring down the otherside of forever makes hime think he has figured out is right for the rest of everything because when it comes down to it this is a very look in the mirror and be afraid point in his existance. Happened to me when I was 26 nearly 27.;)"

    I think I may have to use that deliciously delightful run-on sentence as my new signature. :D If you do not object, of course.
    I wouldn't worry about it.
    I think it's understandable what the
    the idea of the thread is without
    all the details :P
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