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  1. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    Aviators crazy; idk what to say to sleeping once a week.
  2. lucky12

    Old INTP school reports

    I once got a phone call home because I kept falling asleep in class (admittedly I was horrible for this in multiple classes). My dad backed me up, he asked what my mark was (it was unusually high). He then told her to "leave him alone". That was really unexpected, thought I was getting my ass...
  3. lucky12

    Favorite Car

    70s challenger, like in vanishing point. That movie resonated with my soul and that car is a skookum choocher.
  4. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    I generally get up on one.. but if im completely drained i will sleep through one too. Lately ive only set one, but my schedule changes daily because im on vacation and ive been sick. I guess its sort of normal ive been fluctuating so much as of late due to the 'altered' lifestyle of vacation...
  5. lucky12

    What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    Damn squirrel.. that was beautiful.
  6. lucky12

    What does it take to wake you up

    Sup yall. Self explanatory question. Im a triple alarm kind of guy, drives my sig other crazy. Shes one of those up and at 'em types. Heh she'll be making my breakfasts for the forseeable future. Please post what u find works.
  7. lucky12

    What are some life lessons you've accumulated over the years?

    If whatever youre doing seems too hard try a different way
  8. lucky12

    Mentally Traumatizing Movies

    Come and see. Russian movie; follows the life of a young boy who gets caught up in the war. The people in his area have to fight off the SS. Its got a lot of drawn out scenes that make you feel uncomfortable. The director manifests fear and discomfort in a lot of ways throughout the movie...
  9. lucky12

    Post photos of people whose minds you find attractive.

    Nikola Tesla; I admire most his dedication to his ideals and ideas. Although he had some undesirable tendencies I believe some of those tendencies arose from a tired, betrayed man.
  10. lucky12

    Dating an INTP - Sharing feelings

    Am I missing obvious signs here, or was she only saying a goodbye? @Kenny if you spank her and she likes it don't worry about empirical evidence. @Grayman you should plot your ideas on a nice pie chart. something with apple in it.
  11. lucky12

    How can we shave the forum?

    Amagi82 You're clearly in middle school, my wonderful american friend. Nah but for real. Out of the shower, wet your face with the hot water. Not the cold. QUICKYLY NOW.. Lather your face up with shaving C.R.E.A.M dollar fuckin' you already thought it. Fuck that gel, gel is metrosexual...
  12. lucky12

    Help - uncertainty about academic path.

    Happiness is always around you in many different forms. Your pursuit of academics should be something that interests you strongly. Something you may already have hobbies in or read up on often. Watch some lectures online, read books. Test yourself :) it will feel like the real thing.
  13. lucky12

    house/trance/electronic music

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RL_HBqwLBg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQSHg-SJXR8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4r_94EvDZ4
  14. lucky12

    More aware of machines than people

    I can relate to being attracted to older cars; the more problematic the more attractive. I tend to plan my projects, write down notes. It's way easier to track thoughts, my creativity usually emerges a long with that. I started on bicycles, the simplest machine.
  15. lucky12

    Home Alone

    Only if they can dodge a ball. :D
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