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Is it a good choice to recalculate commitment time


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Today 1:30 PM
Sep 10, 2020
I was thinking. People seem to act like their sense of time is true.

Granies act like it would take a 1/4 of a lifetime to raise a child and give advice accordingly.
20 year olds seem to judge it like a lifetime commitment without anything left over for fun.
10 year olds treat it like a life sentence.
The same goes for other commitments. Like loans and academia.

For example average life expectancy is 70ish years. Lets asume 10 years will be spent with you in ill health due to being old.
So 60 quality years. And lets assume you have just turned 18.
Raising a child would take a 1/3 of lifetime as a granny and a lifetime as a 18 year old.
1/3 of 18 would be 6 years.
Would it be rational to act like raising a child will take 6 years in felt time.


We're all trying our best. Aren't we?
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Today 5:30 AM
Jun 13, 2019
I spend most of my time deciding how I'm going to spend my time. Making evaluations in general. I don't much care for how something feels as long as I'm making use of the current moment.

When we are young, the impact of anyone thing is much larger as it is likely we haven't been impacted by that as much as a 60yo who has been impacted by said things before. They are anxious because they don't know what to expect of their resilience to whatever is impacting them, something to that effect.


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Today 11:30 AM
Jul 27, 2013
Between concrete walls
Without rest, your work efficiency and productivity will suffer.
Sleep is necessary. Some people can sleep less, but most people need from 7 to 10 hours of sleep leaving you with about 16 hours in a day.
After that you need to spend time on stuff like basic hygiene, going to doctor, getting food and goods, clothing.

Even in minimalistic lifestyle you still have to work on time management.

Good health costs money. No person on Earth is healthy and even if they are healthy, they still suffer injuries.

Your brain has limited attention span and focus.
Brains ability to focus is limited. So of the waking hours you have only limited time to do things with maximum brain power.

Assuming you are of average intelligence you will use the maximum of your IQ in quite a few if at all instances.

Maybe as little as once a month or once a day.

Most times of the day your decisions and planning require minimal reasoning.

If by chance you have very high IQ you will use it to your benefit only if you find a way to use it and only if you really work hard to create opportunities where that stellar IQ can actually be maxed out.

For child care you need to adjust your schedule child needs including your ability to respond to emergencies like injury, or simply attending to their basic psychological needs which of course are necessary for childs survival as well and future health and development.

Of all these things you must commit to using transportation to go places so you have to discount all the travel time.

We also have to account for vacations, which are necessary for health as preemptive measure to maintain good balance of mind and body.

This is all from point of mere existence not accounting for necessities like having fun, enjoying relationships, being part of community and developing and being productive for other than merely self serving reasons.

Also not investing into development of community and culture you are immediately discounted form having the right to complain and lack of community and culture.

You also have to account for the fact that you are compeeting for resources with other people, unless you yourself are not able to provide or produce some product or resource.

In other words there are only limited jobs and limited things you can do.
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