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IQ and life outcomes


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Today 4:19 PM
Apr 19, 2016
This is a fork from the Racism is Innate thread by ApostateAbe as an interesting point came up about intelligence.

It would seem that people (both between as well as within races) are, with some exceptions, valued in proportion to their IQs. IQs appear to predict not just raw brainpower per se but a whole lot of other life outcomes, such as criminality, income, productivity and so on. Everyone talks about EQ being just as important as IQ, but the empirical evidence suggests that IQ is the true barometer of likely success in life (indeed, if the hypothesis of the existence of g holds true, IQ may even be positively correlated with EQ, a somewhat counterintuitive outcome for me as we all know smart but arrogant jerks and pleasant but less intellectually endowed folks).

My question is, why is this the case? Why is it that people who are good at 1 thing are often also good at others?

And what can we do to improve not just our IQs but those of large groups of people who currently test poorly on IQ tests, and bring about a better world?

I am unsure if IQ is going to stay very relevant in this era or the era ahead of this one. If your brainpower is not realized by you or anybody else, it is hard. At the same time, simply being brilliant does not make you tenacious. And tenacity is the key to the higher rungs of the ladder of success. It seems in many of these studies, they end up picking people with high IQ whose high IQ was made evident after achieving their goal. Therefore, they keep yielding the same results which are expected from every person who is intelligent: hardworking, perfectionistic, critical, wise. Some other traits that were found were: 'able to socialize well; generally do not have difficulty while interacting with peers.' (applicable to those below 140). Somehow, the study does not state how discontent is caused by intellectual isolation or feeling left out or the consequences of repeated sequestration, voluntary or involuntary. It seems all the stereotypes they derive are from a miraculously stable horde of individuals who arrived at the testing sight.

I know of someone who may be a genius and is also integrated almost perfectly. But I suppose his stability results from the fact that he had extremely supportive parents and friends, great upbringing. Naturally, he catapulted into places where he did not feel as intellectually isolated as before and that stabilized his life.

Now tell me, is every person with high IQ going to be grow up perfectly given that many of them have overstimulation issues. It seems like the internet is confused. On one hand, there are researches (available online, of course) which say that persons with high IQ are more emotional. Others say that they experience more anxiety. Then another talk about narcissism and some talk about low self-esteem. With such extreme traits which are obviously destabilizing, I do not think that they are indicative of any kind of success. Although with a good social life and self-awareness, it is more possible for them to go high and high.
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