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  1. onesteptwostep

    It's possible the world will never unite as one entity, to do something like deepspace exploration.

    I've been thinking lately how one can see world history as a succession of progress, where various societies on earth develop, industrialize and modernize to the point that most will become some kind of republican democracies (representative governments), and that later on, these nations would...
  2. onesteptwostep

    Your thoughts on S Korea's Plastic Surgery Industry and Japan and Korea's Idol Services?

    It brings in money from China. It was a trend to get something fixed, but now the perception's changed. There's a name for the phenomenon too, medical tourism.
  3. onesteptwostep

    I feel like one of the prerequisites for a good society is "military"

    Nothing I've wrote comes close to what I've outlined. My point is that being in the military naturally builds up attributes which contribute to a person's temperance after they are discharged. It's not the military apparatus itself that is good, but the skills and concepts learned in the...
  4. onesteptwostep

    I feel like one of the prerequisites for a good society is "military"

    Just jotting down thoughts to share. Historically, most nations were born out of war or conflict, and a nation's power was literally determined through miliarial strength. See or refer to your own country's history- most probably has the military as its backbone. The US- George Washington and...
  5. onesteptwostep

    The resurgence of collectivism

    Meme culture is big, but I would attribute that as fads more than to collectivism. Having lived in South Korea and Japan, I don't really see anything in western cultures that would point to a more collectivist sense. Collectivism is more conservative, traditional, lowkey. Individualistic...
  6. onesteptwostep

    I called someone a stupid whore

    Oh the dead have begun to speak.
  7. onesteptwostep

    what are the consequences of time travel

    Personally I think it's impossible to travel to the future. The past? Maybe, but will we be able to go back to the traveler's present time? Im not sure..
  8. onesteptwostep

    A theory on the origins of deities.

    This doesn't explain the stories though, which in part are a chunk of what religion is. I think what you're explaining is some sort of a confirmation bias entrenched by mental abnormalities (which I don't disagree that it has some influence on religion making), not the religion itself.
  9. onesteptwostep

    A theory on the origins of deities.

    I was thinking about the origins of religions and how most tribal societies started to believe in a deity of some sort. Of course I don't have any empirical evidence, but I think deities have to do something with human will. There's a number of other theories regarding the origins of religion...
  10. onesteptwostep

    I called someone a stupid whore

    Jeez. You deserve a beer.
  11. onesteptwostep

    Have we screwed ourselves over with mass vaccinations?

    Im not entirely sure on how the vaccines stop the viruses, but I remember reading somewhere that the current vaccinations cover for all variants and will most likely cover for all future variants. The delta variants we read on the news are simply more contagious than past variants, not that they...
  12. onesteptwostep

    would you prefer....

    A relationship is built upon trust, and trust only comes when there is a sense of faith. Transparency doesn't bring in trust, in fact transparency usually brings in ineptitude and apathy. Also knowing someone and actually having public access to their criminal record are different things...
  13. onesteptwostep

    The philosophers of the past era have failed our generation

    Why do you think philosophers after Hegel did not fail? What do philosophers after Hegel address that benefits us beyond the economics on which we are bound? Postmodern philosophy is in a nutshell don't ask don't question. It's self-defeating most of the time and when they are not, they're...
  14. onesteptwostep

    The philosophers of the past era have failed our generation

    I think it would be better if I showed you a short run down of philosophical history. Modern philosophy begins with Descartes who began his philosophy that men are only able to trust their rationality, or reason, and doubted anything that his five senses relayed to him. The philosophers on the...
  15. onesteptwostep

    The philosophers of the past era have failed our generation

    Philosophy isn't something that's meant to be practical. Let's review how you phrase this: practicality. Practicality for what? I think it wouldn't be wrong to guess that the practicality points to a winning at the economic system, and thus fulfill what it means to succeed in life today. We're...
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