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    Hiiii! Welcome :)
  2. Lost until Found


    Welcome! I lurk too :3 but not as much as you apparently...:/ damn...
  3. Lost until Found

    Very Belated Introduction Thread

    Welcome Roran! I don't recognize your name either unfourtuantly...I’m 20 and an ENFP (probably the only one on this site) :]
  4. Lost until Found

    Abortion. Pro-choice reasoning correct?

    I have many reasons for being pro-choice, yet one of the strongest reasons I have is that a fetus, in the first trimester when an abortion can happen, is unaware of its existence (thus it does not care if it lives or dies). I found an article that explained my reasoning exactly: "During the...
  5. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Good idea, and I agree :/ but unfourtuantly it must be $10 or else this wouldn't be a challenge. This is actually one of the better idea I've heard so far. The competition to get your dollar (and all the extra money) is what makes it competitive+fun for the students. They just need to be good...
  6. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Ah, I didn't realize so many of you would think of 'computer program' when I said program. I'd like to clarify by saying when I put 'program' I meant an event or an activity.
  7. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Not a computer program. Just an event. Any event. It can be a event that teaches something or a event that lets the kids have fun. Ie. A dance contest in the gym or other large space (we’d rent it out) with the prize being $10 and ‘student of the month’ status to the best dancer. 25 people...
  8. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    LOL there might be some issues with the president of the school and many others but good idea :3
  9. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Nice idea :D but how?
  10. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Program: Something that students can go to/use to benifit them or others.
  11. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Whatever $10 can bring you. What you make contributes to how long it will last. It can be as long as you want. All random group of students pulled out of the school. Totally random. You have any space you want availble. The program would be for fun.
  12. Lost until Found

    Fun Problem

    Give an example of a program you could design for 50 students in college if you only had $10 to spend. Any ideas???
  13. Lost until Found

    Problem with writing a journal..

    I recently came upon a website about the point of writing a journal and the benefits of it. This is what I read: "Keeping a journal is one of the most personally rewarding activities you can undertake. Journaling fosters creativity and introspection. A journal is the perfect place to express...
  14. Lost until Found

    I'm good :] How are you?

    I'm good :] How are you?
  15. Lost until Found

    Has anyone else heard of this?

    This sounds about the same as what was being said before. Interesting.
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