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  1. IfloatTHRUlife

    Your life goals? Dreams?

    Appppparently my reply didnt send, and im too lazy to try to recall everything i said but in short i said something along the lines of.. I accept that what i have been through is not as bad as some breakups i have seen so i take it as a learning experience and that i am better off not being with...
  2. IfloatTHRUlife

    Your life goals? Dreams?

    I struggle with the idea of a dream or goals. For the past 5 years of my life i pushed toward what seemed to be the thing that would make me happy. I had moved to New York City from the town where i grew up. I found a work environment that satisfied me despite being stressful. I had met many...
  3. IfloatTHRUlife

    poverty and expression of intellect!

    From personal experience i would say money has nothing to do with "genius" in itself, rather the way it is expressed. I come from a poor family, and lived a very minimalist life. I had a computer but that was basically my only outlet to the world around me. I participated in no school...
  4. IfloatTHRUlife

    This should be fun!

    Freaking finally started college :elephant: Woot! As one would expect, i took a Psych class. We have already been given our directions and expectations for the semesters "big project" or whatever. Before she was even done talking i knew i wanted to do something relating the MBTI, it is the...
  5. IfloatTHRUlife

    INTP family reunion stress

    Heh, just one relative, not even in my room. Even for just a week, i am pretty much closed up in my room, and only briefly talk to them when i go out to get food etc. I dont really have family reunions very often, i have only took part in a few, but have had a few people stay, some multiple...
  6. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    Well, anything that isnt going to spoil overnight in the fridge like the stuff on the salad bar, we keep. But pretty much all the hot food is thrown out when we are cleaning up before we go home. All the fried stuff is thrown out because it will just get hard and nasty in the fridge. All the...
  7. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    LOL thats a game im not so eager to play. Her family might stab me. And it is a chinese buffet, i might become part of the menu.
  8. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    Meh it okay, i have just been listening to disturbed and reading stuff on the forum. Kind of awkward though, i keep ignoring when people come up so i am pretty oblivious of my facial expression. For all i know i could have a huge retarded grin on my face and people are probably looking at me...
  9. IfloatTHRUlife

    Har Har I am bored.

    So, I am sitting at the front desk of a restaurant on my girlfriends laptop while she runs the cash register. Absolutely nothing to do so I figured I would make a thread discussing the awkwardness of sitting here jamming and reading while people come up and constantly stare at me. We have been...
  10. IfloatTHRUlife

    How do You deal with stress?

    Me too Melly.. me too. Although i am not as bad with the type of stress being mentioned in the original post any more. It bothered me a lot when i was younger but now i just kind of say fuck it. Butttt, if i am irritated by something, it tends to get blown out of proportion, i isolate myself...
  11. IfloatTHRUlife

    "well... I read some articles about it..."

    The way i always put it is, i know a little about a lot. I am not exactly an expert on many things, but i know enough about so many topics that i can more or less take part in any random conversation i want, often clarifying things for people. The funny thing is, if someone were to say...
  12. IfloatTHRUlife

    2 black holes question

    They would just envelop each other. They absorb matter, regardless of what it is, a black hole is just a ridiculously dense jumble of matter. Kind of interesting to imagine though, maybe some cataclysmic event would happen as the two black holes met each others event horizons. Then again maybe...
  13. IfloatTHRUlife

    How often do you encounter crackpots?

    You spelled vacuum wrong.
  14. IfloatTHRUlife

    Keeping an intp man happy?

    @Darude11 - Took some time to delve into personality profiles and reflect some thoughts. I have come to the conclusion that she is indeed a ISFP, not J. (Could have done this a long time ago, but its not like the information is all too important.) Anyway, this may slightly verify the article...
  15. IfloatTHRUlife

    Keeping an intp man happy?

    #1 - Accurate, any man is going to like sex whenever they want it though. Definitely do prefer it when my partner initiates it though. This pretty much never happens though, and from experience, if i am the one who has to attempt to start things every time, it starts to feel like my partner just...
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