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This should be fun!


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Today 4:09 PM
Jul 28, 2008
the eastern shore of the USA
Freaking finally started college :elephant: Woot!

As one would expect, i took a Psych class. We have already been given our directions and expectations for the semesters "big project" or whatever. Before she was even done talking i knew i wanted to do something relating the MBTI, it is the reason i am in the class to begin with.

Right now we need to show her 3 articles that we will then go on to use for our final project. The articles need to contain original research, i hope to find a few articles with information from studies where the the MBTI is applied to an experiment. Whether it is a case study, a group study, anything.

I am having so much trouble finding articles, most of what i do find with original information is either just such a dull experiment, or is so loosely affiliated to the MBTI that i dont want to use it.

I figured i would come and ask you guys (and gals) if maybe you knew of any kind of online resources where i could find decent articles, or maybe see if you could find an interesting article yourself. :D
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