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  • Aphasiiiiaaaaaa.

    I'm terribly sorry, I took an eternity to reply.:(

    I kept going to do it, and then not actually quite getting to it.


    So hang me.
    Well, I suspect she plans to use your ashes to make a decorative, crystal Tasmanian tiger for her windowsill. Though I can't give too much away, lest she is inclined to punish me.

    I think Lor is a combination of a viral space mutant birthed from a meteor, small plants with strangling roots and a very small, terrified human.

    Her life is still unjustified.

    Yes, I'm thinking you are thinking that I am thinking of giving you a ten foot pole.
    Which, I must say, is a highly accurate observation.
    Well alright, I exaggerated, I don't want to bond with knives, not exclusively, any sharp object will do really. Thats where we get the term 'blood brothers' from you know, we have to help each other form scars with our combined blood, a very engaging pastime.
    Work? Blazblue?

    I think it's time for you to divulge personal information on the shaky pretence of continuing an innocent conversation.

    Ah, or you could just clone me several times, as I am equivalent to several madmen, and even with several of myself, there'd always be a severe degree of diversity, I'm just that weird...
    I stand out amongst myself.
    Yes, I'm being satirical again. I hate everything you see, wasn't it obvious?

    You wish to be a nut collecting, scrawny vermin? I can arrange that, I doubt there will be much alteration required.

    Oh don't be fooled, there is little Lor wouldn't do, and she melts all her subjects down beforehand to check body mass anyway.

    You know she posed as an INTP for ten years to lull me into a false sense of security?

    Cunning indeed.

    Go ahead, stab me, I'm a masochist after all, we can call it 'bonding'.
    (Good to see you mastered the comment exchange principles.)

    Ah, well I'm sorry, I just can't stand facial hair, or much else besides that...

    Actually, I recall coming to the conclusion that you and I are remarkably similar. Perhaps thats why Lor was so nice to me at first.

    I suspect she just has a thing for lost boys and poets, she may well be planning a collection of porcelain contained lean male window displays.

    The worlds logic need curing.

    I am most interested in encouraging positive deviancy.
    That doesn't sound like a very short story, even in it's short format.

    Perhaps you'd better tell the whole tell with extra's just to make sure I understand the concept entirely...

    Ah, well, ignore my posts.
    They alternate between maddening nonsense and cathartic mayhem, neither of which happen to be particularily enlightening nor intellectually stimulating.
    Card carrying?
    I do admit to the odd Yu-gi-oh, but always carrying one?

    Oh, and of course I'd never take to mustache twirling, though mostly because I'd never take to a mustache.

    I'm only trying to kill ill logic.

    Is that such a crime?

    Thats odd.

    Just as I remembered I had gave myself the duty of ensuring you returned...you return...

    How odd...

    Hrm, nice to have you back at any rate, though something tells me you won't remember me.

    Er, blame Lor for telling me that you were twice the writer I am...
    At least you're still here XD

    One other person? Is it... human? *ominous thunder rumbles* Seriously, congratulations :)

    And yes, I still write. I haven't really made anything worth keeping though, but I'm not sure. I get too involved in creating things so I dislike or hate them til a few months or so have passed :/ There was one which some people told me was good, but I really can't tell. I guess I'll post it later.
    It's changed a lot since the days you were here, different characters.

    Strangely, I always appreciated being called love.

    Noddy had a habit of calling me love, though he's barely around anymore. Now there's one other, but he only gets to say that in private. :D

    I'm glad to know you're alive, and I hope still writing :)
    Nice to see you too love (:

    Actually I was a bit worried about returning, but I guess it was for nothing after all.
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