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  • Hi

    I still want to video chat and see what your perspective is, meanwhile I just had this sudden burst of insight. :)

    INFP's explained, again
    You bring up a lot of good points.

    A small community, or several small communities spread out would probably be ideal. It would be possible for loners to either spend a lot of time away from the tribe, or make a small hut away from the others, but still within walking range in case it was bit by a snake or so.

    We'd also have to bring lots, of lots of books. And internet
    Would google plus be good?
    Facebook has video but I do not want to create a skype account.
    I did have one but I could not figure out the interface and never used it.
    yes, in your face, reality! :D

    I've always really liked the atmosphere of forests, and if I'm going to buy a a house one day, I want it to be in or at the end of one :3
    Also I do not experience energy at all.
    I do not see or hear anything inside my head.
    And nothing in my body.
    What I do experience is brain fog.
    I cannot meditate because I feel foggy.
    Recently I had cognitive dissonance and my left frontal lobe was burning. This spread to my right brain. That night I saw an angelic figure and clouds made of light and energy.
    Right now the fog is really bad and I have a cold spot in my right brain.
    If Ti does not need external validation then the reason I ask questions is because of Ne? Ni would simply be set as is? Fi too.
    So the reason INTP use qualifiers is because we do not really know the root cause? It makes it seem dysfunctional to be one that way (not that it is). It seems like I would be probably be the only INTP on the forum currently then?

    This is the video of a person who I think is INFJ.

    One thing I just thought of is how Ni and Fi would work in Buddhism.
    Ni would understand the deep concepts such as emptiness well Fi would understand how this maps to other people.
    Its not clear to me if I can explain this but I think I do not have Fe.
    From what you say when I relate it to myself I could be an ENFP simply because I do not know if I relate to people models more than I do to Ne-Te. When people act the way they do I do understand why but I cannot explain it. INFJ's on youtube have explicit explanations for types but I do not and I can control how I react. People's motivations are not alway explicitly shown by their actions. But I am less Fi than Ne. I stay away from people who do not seem to relate to me or more so I cannot control myself as well as an INFP because I can see how a person on the inside but I use Ne to say how they are either right or wrong in a context more than paying attention them. Usually it does make me feel bad that I cannot show how they are right or wrong and I have less control of my reactions.
    Your short story must be explained.

    I've got "Forever, I'm assured rest", and "Silent mind is asleep". Perhaps it can go backwards- "Assured, I'm forever awake".

    But that's all I've got. I having a hard time letting go of the notion that there's a far more over-reaching pattern to it. Especially because some words are capitalized in the wrong places.

    There's gotta be something more to it if you wrote it in a circle of nine.

    K, you got me going crazy now. :P
    I believe I am INFJ rather than INTJ now.
    How would you say INFJ empathy is different than INFP?

    t-trunk size :o

    yes, my avatar is secretly licking the branch. don't judge :,(

    we can join in drinking the tree sap which I'm certain contain substances which will make us high. or at the very least we'll be high... atop the trees

    what I like about aspens is the flickery movement of the leaves

    what trees do you prefer to hug? (user title)

    personally I've always been fascinated with European aspen and birch

    not all trees are equal

    peace out
    How is gamma coherence different in Fi-Ne than in Ni-Fi (?)
    to me when i feel whole i can do Te stuff like math but i have felt so inept most of the time to do Te stuff that i think with me when i am on the internet i am doing Fi-Se allot because i think about people with Fi and listen with Se. Ni and Te together was temporary as i could not do that all the time. i was very catatonic so i do not know how balanced i am or if Fi-Se stuff made me that way. I would like to know how and what happens in Fi-Nx when they are natural together? gamma waves?
    sometimes i get deja vu - it feels like i become part of a parallel history where i did things i was not part of - Part of it is like a dream that i had and it becomes real - I think it has to do with the choice function in quantum physics - or i live in a simulated computer - you helped me understand what i was doing as other have - it is difficult to tell but i believe my purpose is to become part of this reality's awakening - My memories repeat the feelings of new events.
    you remind me of my precognition
    i think i knew you would be here
    but only after i saw you did i remeber
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