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Recent content by VroumVroum

  1. Unleashing INTP creativity

    To unleash my creativity : I need enough freedom to be able to set my own rules. I also need new inputs. I can study a new system. But brainstorming with the right people is better. It brings a lot of new ideas that lead to new possibilities and my ideas are challenges so I don’t run in...
  2. Dream Analysis?

    I'd say because it is your reality. It's also the source of your creativity.
  3. So I'm an INTP

    Hello, Isn’t that the cause of the problem you’re trying to solve? You over analyse and feel you need to be better. I know I do ;) I feel proud when I am useful and people underline it, uncomfortable but proud. Regarding social anxiety, I don’t like being around many people I...
  4. Dream Analysis?

    Woaw, I can’t even tell you what I was daydreaming a moment ago. So to be able to remember 10 dreams a night seems impossible to me. Have you trained yourself? I’ve read it is possible by trying to remember your dreams when you wake up. You can also write them down.
  5. Emotionally Sensitive INTPs?

    Hi, I think using a T function forces you to restrain your emotions while using an F function makes you dive in them. I sometime feel like Ti makes me forget myself. I don’t choose what I want to do. Instead I "compute" what I should be doing. So I think that being an INTP means you naturally...
  6. Applications of Intuition

    I can’t really force my intuition since it always comes naturally and maybe long after I need it. Direct questions often lead to no answers from my intuition. And I don’t think Ne ever gave me any direct answers. Girl : Hi, “Vroumvroum” Si: Greet the girl. (Fe: and smile) Me : Hi,… Ti...
  7. What type do you think smiles the most?

    I think ISFJs smile a lot and laugh too hard. But I can’t see anything bad about smiling. And I smile whenever I feel happy or exited or when I think about something stupid. I can’t help it.
  8. Social anxiety disorder: my weird story

    I can relate to the difficulty of going in a university where you don’t know anybody. It took me about two years to make some good friends. I wouldn’t even come home on holidays because my parents were at wars. After this, I was sweating a lot in most social situation where strangers were...
  9. Congratulations me.

    It sounds like a reasonable goal. I wish you an appetite for pizza.
  10. INTP Critique

    As Intp, we won’t be satisfied by the right answer. We need the right explanation too. We don’t want to be right. We want others not to be illogical. You give me the feeling that you base your text on the fact that you know better than her. However, other types have their way too...
  11. so attempting to enter the dating world....

    INTP have the great ability to summarize. Please use it :) You’re extremely hard with yourself. Give yourself a break. Nobody is perfect. Maybe she felt bad you couldn’t enjoy the party. Maybe she don’t care that you’re not a people person. Maybe she wants to be your friend. Maybe she...
  12. New Thread!

    A thought for all the energy expended by 2727 viewers to try to figure out what they could possibly answer to this thread.
  13. Congratulations me.

    Ok, I fall for it. Happy birthday. What should we wish you for the year to come?
  14. Types who you find influential?

    ENTJ. They impose freaking logic into this world and it works. They seem unstoppable. It’s a type that I admire and they can make me do stuff. Of course they can be real asses but who cares? Also, I’ve met few mature NF who have healing power. After sometime with them, I felt like I had...
  15. Broken INTP?

    I can't say for sure but if i were to say "I'm broken" it could likely bear two meanings: - I don't find a place where I belong. I don't succeed where others do therefore I must be broken. (Inefficient) - I miss something deep inside. I'm broken. (Incomplete)
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