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    Someone should make a hotline where you can call and practice talking to someone before you make an actual phone call. That would be unbelievably valuable.
  2. v3nge

    This Song is Me, Trying to Shitpost in Real Life

    Actually catchy, though.
  3. v3nge

    Motivation issues

    I relate to this a lot. I just made a post very much related to this where I talk about an epiphany that I had recently, I recommend you read that. It sounds like, as far as putting your ideas into the world, you are seeing the switch that happens when we creative people go from the mood and...
  4. v3nge

    Best girl type for male INTP

    Must be ENFP intuition. :disdain:
  5. v3nge

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    Yeah, that's definitely an aspect of it too. Idealism. I find it interesting that so many of you relate to this. I've been thinking about it more, and I've realized that there's also a sense of impostor syndrome as well, especially when things are going well. I think some of you hinted at...
  6. v3nge

    Best girl type for male INTP

    And by world domination you mean to make sure you're wearing matching socks.
  7. v3nge

    Why INTPs Can't Finish Things

    I've just had a moment of clarity and I'd like to share it with you all. Perhaps you will gain some insight from it as I have. I struggle, like many INTPs, with getting things done and doing things consistently. I have great ambitions, but implementation is very difficult for me. I was...
  8. v3nge

    If INTPs had a slogan, what would it be?

    Why study when you’re already smart enough to know it doesn’t matter?
  9. v3nge

    Best girl type for male INTP

    Avoid ENFPs at all costs.
  10. v3nge

    DXM and flying

    Horrible idea. Unless you wanna be puking and time traveling in an airborne plane. Fuck DXM.
  11. v3nge


    You could be like me, an INTP with a well integrated shadow. The shadow type of the INTP is ENTJ. Through life experiences and social feedback, it is very normal and healthy to integrate Fe (your shadow function) and even judging qualities (so as to actually get things done.) Particularly...
  12. v3nge

    What is your IQ?

    It depends who you ask... I've taken 4 different IQ tests throughout my life and gotten widely varying scores. 10 years: 134 17 years: 117 20 years: 119 23 years: 131 I don't normally talk about my scores, because frankly IQ is a bullshit way of measuring intelligence. In my experience, and...
  13. v3nge

    Mystery: Did My Bathroom Travel Back In Time?

    UPDATE: I've thrown all of my clocks away. Last night, I was trying to set all of them back to the right time again (to appease the clock spirits) and one of them I just couldn't get in sync with the others, it was always about 30 secs faster. This clock has just one switch on the top that you...
  14. v3nge

    Mystery: Did My Bathroom Travel Back In Time?

    Lmao. Herbal violence, that's great. While I do know a Colombian girl who has motive to put a curse on me, none of those things sound familiar, so I think I'm good. Sounds like you have experience with being cursed? xD
  15. v3nge

    Mystery: Did My Bathroom Travel Back In Time?

    I do have an ex girlfriend that was a Wiccan... Does that count?
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