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  1. James' Thoughts

    I don't know how the school system works in the U.S., with grades and all that, so I can't tell you. Mostly verbal shit and threats, occasionally physical, I tend to confuse them, then they just walk away though. I don't really mind them, I was just in a particularly bad mood yesterday, it...
  2. James' Thoughts

    I have no idea what to say really, my life isn't that interesting, so this really isn't a "blog", and besides, I fucking detest that word for some reason. Mainly been having thoughts of violence, I dislike my colleagues, I think if they continue to harass me i'm gonna end up snapping and...
  3. James' Thoughts

    Haha, no, I don't mind if you comment, I like hearing what people have to say.
  4. James' Thoughts

    This is a thread where i'll put my thoughts, and my reactions to the stimuli in my life, and vent. Whether you enjoy it or not is inconsequential to me, because, as I've said, it's basically just a place to put my thoughts in, though it would be interesting to see your thoughts on my thoughts.
  5. Absence from the forum

    I was back for a moment, now i'm leaving for good.
  6. Absence from the forum

    Hello all, I will also be leaving. I haven't contributed much to the forum, so i'm pretty sure no one will care, but I wish you all the best.
  7. Hey :)

    *Note to self, change avatar*
  8. First! :P

    First! :P
  9. Hey :)

    I left the chat accidentally :(
  10. Hey :)

    Welcome! :D
  11. Trolling on Omegle

    Hello all, I've recently found this interesting website known as Omegle. It's basically a website where you can anonymously chat with a random person, not very useful for good conversations. So I invite you all to troll Omegle, I have, and I want to show you all one of my recent chat logs...
  12. I have a game you will not stop playing..ever.

    Why live? Why die? Why play any video games? Why breath oxygen? Why eat? Why read? Why watch television? I hope you get my point.
  13. Why do people suck at Typing others?

    I think in situations where you disagree with someone else, you have to debate rationally and try to make them understand why you think something, saying "I know my husband, he's an N." then responding "I know your husband as well. I lived with him for a year and I've known him 2 years longer...
  14. What's your worst fear?

    As the title says, what's your worst fear?
  15. Should Charles Manson be released?

    I have to agree with you here.
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