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Recent content by Death

  1. Death

    Post your Big Five test results

    I took this from Facebook app called myPersonality..
  2. Death

    Feeling of being limited

    How about finding a course in university where all the technical skills you've learned is transferable skill. I am doing Chemical Engineering, and sometimes I study other things that might be related to what I am studying but can be used in other professions, currently I am looking into...
  3. Death

    meow` =^_______^=

    Hello there...you look interesting..
  4. Death

    Am I the only fashion obsessed INTP?

    So an INTP can care about fashion? I like this forum much more. Being a fashion icon is far from my ideal and current self, I dress comfortably and have a good first impression. I think I choose my choice of dress to describe myself rather than to define myself, and my most favorite shirt is...
  5. Death


    I am very big fan of this site, the talks about human brain regarding love/work/etc. in that site is the best thing ever.
  6. Death

    Control + V

    the mu [There is nothing in my Ctrl+V/clipboard,so i pressed middle mouse button,a much easier way if you're an linux user.]
  7. Death

    Fear of winning

    I would not feel bad if it was fair competition and I never fight dirty. I don't like having a limelight of winning either and unnecessary dramas that goes with it. How it is having edge against your opponent not by external means but your own skill could be unfair?
  8. Death

    Share your cool Tech. Tips

    I use google dictionary since I am using chromium.. Google Dictionary (by Google) With this extension, you can: 1) Double-click any word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. 2) View the complete definition of any word or phrase using the address bar dictionary. Both features are...
  9. Death

    What we are

    Ninja :phear:
  10. Death

    What's your GPA?

    very recent examination.. 3.53 out of 4.0 got a lot of B+ one A+ and one A- :aufsmaul: minimum CGPA I have ever get is 2.00,but that is different examination..
  11. Death

    Distinguishing Left and Right.

    I also had this problem once, but for my love of knowledge I have learned that the heart is located in your left side of chest, so whenever I need direction, I just listen to my heartbeat using my left hand.:phear:
  12. Death

    The Best Personality Type For You Test (for romantic partner)

    ENFP - The Champion You scored 75 I versus E, 20 N versus S, 20 F versus T, and 20 J versus P I was rooting for INFP..all ENFP I know hates me for some weird reason..:storks:
  13. Death


    I shower once a day, wash laundry once a week. Shave once a week. Wash my hair thrice a week. Brush my teeth twice/thrice a day,and that's it. :)
  14. Death

    Jokes and Joking --- I am bad at them

    My primary method of telling jokes is of course by using graphs and number theory but finding people who knows both is such a tedious task. :storks:
  15. Death

    Describe your life

    20 years old, male, planning to go for chemical engineering even though I have my interests in IT,and of course afraid of choosing only for-profits school.:storks: I can use/learn any devices/computers intuitively. I am an underachiever and procrastinates a lot but once a lecturer once described...
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