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worse or most dissappointing sci fi tv or movie


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Today 8:40 AM
Aug 15, 2013
I have to say andromeda

the premise of the show was good

but then it just start to sink deeper and deeper into shithole after season 3 or so, and make no sense

The cliffhangers were often unaddressed and unfollowed, and a mediocre capitain suddenly becomes to chosen one or the prophet, like in star trek deep space nine

character development gets worse as Tyr anasazi, the only interesting character i find, has left the show.

what is your most dissappointing sci fi series or movie?

the cliffhanger trap is that once you start one, you cant leave it unaddressed later on. You can bait poeple to keep following the plot, but if you leave too many lose ends, your story eventually will eventually makes no fucking snese.
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