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Watched some movies, feelings, and discussion.

Esurient Fere

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Today 9:22 PM
May 26, 2015
In the mainframe.
I watched Happiness, Nightcrawler, and Gone Girl. Now I feel pretty crappy.
Happiness shows that the deck is stacked against us in matters of the heart. This is mostly because what we think we want isn't what we really want.
Nightcrawler shows that you have to be absolutely ruthless to get to the top. That people who are willing to bend and break others and rules get what they want.
Gone girl just makes me never want to get married. Such utter deceptions on so many interpersonal fronts.

I'm just have a bout of emotions that really aren't help by being overseas training in a very rigorous program ( ten days off in twelve weeks ). Watching these movies was probably a bad choice. Even though they're all good in their own right and I LOVED Nightcrawler. Plus I think it's MC was the darker side of what INTP's can be.

Thoughts? Feelings? Old thoughts rattling in your heads?

Sir Eus Lee

I am wholely flattered you would take about 2 and
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Today 1:22 PM
Jun 12, 2015
How are you today
Well this is completely unrelated, but why do people endlessly work to do things over and over even if it gets them nowhere? Why do people work 9 to 5 for jobs that pay bills but offer little to propel them forward or to escape? It's not what you do, but the person you are that doing it makes you. If you were pulled out of an office and sent to siberia and forced to endure a night in shorts and a tee, or forced to walk a thousand miles with no shoes, it's a very useless and painful thing, but people that come out of those experiences are usually drastically changed. It's not coincidental that people who have little to nothing can be very happy and satisfied with the minimal life they life and those that have a lot can be very unhappy with a longer for something they're missing.

Just ramblings.

I guess my point might be that there is opposition, but without pressure we wouldn't grow. If money was given out for every theoretical idea you came up with, what INTP would develop Fe? Expanding and working and pressing your comfort zone is where you find the most joy, because you've done something you once thought was insurmountable. Actually that's not my point but it is a point.


guud languager
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Today 4:22 PM
Sep 25, 2008
Heh. Nightcrawler was well done and interesting but I'll probably never rewatch it. Not because of the cynicism, I just didn't feel a ton while watching except, "wow. So he did [that]."

Gone girl, I've seen twice. My feelings were that those are the two most fucked-up human beings I've seen in a movie....and they deserve each other. I thought it was interesting to have the media almost as a character. Again, enjoyed it in some ways though it's not on my list of regular rewatching.

Anyway, neither movie changed my personal outlook. The world has a lot of shit and darkness...that doesn't necessarily influence my own attitudes and decisions, nor is it shocking.
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