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Understanding brain frequencies and IQ

Black Rose

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Apr 4, 2010
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The oscillations that create brainwaves form assemblies of neuronal activation where processes are assigned to regions and those regions recruit other areas in the task at hand. It is the coordination of all the brain together. This is the highest correlation between brain activity and intelligence found with EEG scans.


Google Gemini
The process of phase reset synchronization is thought to be crucial for coordinating brain activity across different regions, essentially creating a more efficient "small world" network. Here's how it's believed to work:

Setting the Stage: Neural circuits naturally exhibit oscillatory activity at specific frequencies. Phase reset comes in and resets the timing (phase) of these ongoing oscillations. This creates a common ground for communication within a specific network of brain areas.

Coherent Communication: By resetting the phase to a similar point in the cycle, different brain regions can synchronize their activity more effectively. This allows for better communication and information flow between these areas.

Cross-Frequency Talk: Phase reset seems to particularly influence high-frequency oscillations by imposing a specific low-frequency phase. This creates a bridge between different frequency bands, potentially allowing for more complex communication and integration of information.

Enhanced Information Transfer: By creating a more organized and synchronized network, phase reset is thought to improve the informational content of neural signals. This allows for faster and more efficient communication between brain regions.

The Power of Small Worlds: Phase reset synchronization is believed to be a key factor in creating small world networks in the brain. These networks are characterized by a balance between local connectivity and long-range connections. This balance allows for both specialized processing within local regions and efficient communication between distant areas, ultimately leading to faster and more flexible information processing.
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