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The Matrix Resurrections


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Today 2:50 AM
Dec 12, 2009

Making my predictions now.
  • Confident sassy blue haired chick is the new "the one" somehow.
  • Confident sassy blue haired chick will beat up a heap of white men.
  • Neo will pass the torch by saying "Being the one is like falling in love, nobody can tell you when you're the one, you just know you are".
  • Neo and Trinity get put on a bus, possibly killed off.
  • Everything that was achieved in the original trilogy will be rolled back, Zion either is or will be completely destroyed, the machines are back in total control and I bet they'll bring Smith back but probably in some way that doesn't involve Hugo Weaving playing him.
  • Despite the best efforts of Keanu Reeves to act out of it Neo will be written as an emasculated bitch who spends the entire movie just doing what he's told.
  • Critics will love it and fans will hate it.
Edit: I hope I'm wrong and the movie doesn't suck.


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Today 9:50 AM
Sep 1, 2019
Gee, I sure hope it doesn't end up like that. That'll make it just a reboot. I guess that might bring in new generations, but it will also shun the older. Then again, there wasn't that much to the matrix to begin with, so you're probably right lol. Maybe this should have spoiler tags :shut-mouth:


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Today 8:50 AM
Jun 13, 2019
One or both of the Wachowskis are on the record saying the Matrix is a metaphor for their struggle with their identities. If they want to follow that thread they can continue the allegory. I don't think they would compromise the story for that though. And eitherway, there is a whole arc where Neo transcends the matrix virtually and in reality so I don't know how much room that leaves for them unless them actually becoming trans has given them more material to add.

In either case, the only things the trailer suggests are character dynamics, cool action set pieces, and enticing curiosity for where the man vs machine plot line has gone.


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Today 1:50 PM
Jul 18, 2021
United States
I'm not really interested in speculating what'll happen in a movie (or how good it will be) based on the trailers, as the ideas I form in my head end up clouding my judgment of the film when I actually see it. I agree with Rebel's last paragraph.

It'll be interesting seeing Reeves return to an older character in the wake of John Wick.

Ah, this is reminding me how long it's been since I've seen The Matrix... I should watch it again. Never seen the sequels (I heard they're not so good?).
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