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The Idolation of Barbarism


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Today 5:16 AM
Dec 12, 2009
Kant's method for determining a categorical imperative is to consider whether an action would be permissible for everyone to do to determine whether that action is permissible for you, because if it isn't permissible for them then by the same logic it isn't permissible for you.

For the most part I think people understand this intuitively and abide by it and are generally moral people, except when an "us vs them" dynamic is perceived. If you have evidence of a war crime of course you report it because if people didn't do that it would be detrimental to everyone, including yourself. But if the war crime was committed by your country and publicizing it would be detrimental to your country, is that different, does that absolve you of your moral obligation?

It doesn't but that's how people think, that "us vs them" dynamic short-circuits our moral decision making and I'm labeling this phenomenon "barbarism" because it is essentially the antithesis of civility. Wherever people perceive an "us vs them" dynamic they will resort to barbaric behavior, things like exploitation, deception, intimidation and violence, these are all just methods people use to get ahead of the supposed competition which for the most part doesn't actually exist.
For the most part success is achieved by cooperation.

Unfortunately the modern world is full of ideologies that perpetuate barbarism like nationalism, religion and even sport, I remember having to hide my blue shirt when walking home from work because the big interstate rugby game was being played and blue was the other state's color, I risked being attacked (and was hassled a few times) for wearing the wrong color which had nothing to do with anything!

The whole social justice thing doesn't help either, I'm all for equality and not giving a damn about anyone's race or gender or sexual orientation but that's not what it is these days, if anything they're worse than the racists, sexists, whatever, in how they idolize diversity for its own sake and seek to make everything political along lines of race/gender/orientation.

They're barbarians!
And yes I'm aware of the inherent barbarism of labeling people barbarians, it's a matter of degree.

How do we tackle this problem, how do we break down the many biases that have divided us?
Is it simply a consequence of individuality? Are we inherently barbaric?


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Today 10:16 AM
Apr 4, 2010
The best thing to do is not harass people yourself. If that is what others are doing don't be like them be better. You can't change others but you can change society by changing yourself.


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Today 7:16 PM
Aug 14, 2013
look at flag
In a world where humans on average do less physical tasks and have less of a connection with the natural world, primal urges will find ways to express themselves in other ways whether through media, art, sports(which were bloodier in another age) or a plethora of other habits/vices/indulges etc.

People would spend hours playing a colony sim while their property goes to shit due to neglect for instance, and with sports average folk would wager their ego on a team and a specific outcome. Betting seems to be a more stakes-orientated approach to sports. In my experience alcohol plays a major part in team sport spectators and the level of investment they have toward their team, whether in stadium or screen.

Modern sports is a money grabbing machine, branding, ad revenue etc. etc. Athletes ae treated like prize livestock, every scratch and sprain a malady. I've been to a cock fight once in my life and that was far more entertaining than any athletics or rugby event I've ever attended.


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Today 5:16 PM
Jul 27, 2013
Between concrete walls
For the most part success is achieved by cooperation.
Pretty much, but competition is good as well.
However humans are primed to think of competition as survival type thing.
That is why competition always gets out of hand. Subconsciously people view competition as life and death scenario.
Realistically that means people will do crazy things when in competition.
This is why even 4 year olds when playing games cheat.
and 40 year olds cheat the exact same way.
Human competitive spirit is inherently tied to survival bias.

That being said, honest competition makes whole lot more sense in most scenarios.
Unfortunately natures evolution engine cannot be turned off, so people end up with nonsense results.

We can think of civilization failure as a form of unhappy dead end mutation.
On odd occasion some people might do the right thing.

Rational is obviously not the prime way people operate on. I mean what for.
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