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Jun 28, 2008
It is too long ago since I read Hermanne Hesse.

At the feeding grounds and watering holes, can any high-flying types outwit the Wolf (ENTJ)?

To snag is the earner has to be an Extravert as nobody is going to come along a put the meat on the plate of an Introvert unless he was born with a golden spoon in his mouth.

The INTP Eagle transforms to the Snake ENTP and has to hide under rocks from the predatory Wolf. Some are venomous, enough to keep the Wolf at bay, but not enough to defeat him. And then there is the rest of the pack.

The INFP Dragon transforms to the ENFP Ferret and this could be become prey to Wolves. The same applies to the flighty Skylark INFJ who becomes the territorial Beaver ENFJ and the successful Hawk INTJ becomes the Wolf.

The powerful positions in society are occupied by Hawks and Wolves with their judgement/perception different from the Architects (INTP) and other birds. This is the middle class.

In the woods there are Bears (ISTP) and Wolves don't mess with unstoppable Bears. Wolves don't mess with Lions (ESTP) and other Big Cats. The latter lot are Working Class and Tradesmen (ESFJ) except for retail and franchise owners who direct.

They have trouble with Horses (ESFJ) and in league with the Dogs (ISTJ).
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