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One atom of me
Local time
Today 6:24 AM
Jul 27, 2013
Between concrete walls
Theme Zen

There is only one path,

That is your path,

Weightless or crushed,


Only you are the path.

There is nothing to find,

One path,

Nothing to see,

One path,

Nothing to know,

One path,

Nothing to hear,

One path,

Nothing for you,

Just one path,

Its all there,

Just you alone and your path.

The gift and curse is your path.

The stone knows, the rivers know, the trees know, the mountains know.

One path.

The Sun knows its place, the moon knows,

You are your path.

No matter what and where,

One path.

The journey is the same,

Where ever you go, one path.

You are your own root, you are your own tree of life.

One path.

Single and whole,

Full of life and energy,

All you can do is grow.

Strong or weak, its you,

Young and old its you,

Happy or sad its you,

Ripples in the bark of your mind, trying to change that,

No matter its you.

Gravity or weightless its you,

Time or no time, its you.

Wrong or right,

Its you,

Fight or flight its you,

Kind or rude its you,

Angry or frustrated, its you.

Wild or tame its you,

Hollow or full,

Its you,

Strange or not,

Its there,

The center of all things,

The being of all things,

You accept its you, and if you reject its you,

And so are all things in the entire universe.

They are what they are.

God is God.

Melody cannot hear it self,

The song cannot sing it self,

Rhythm cannot beat it self,

Beauty cannot recognize it self,

Feeling cannot feel it self,

The thought cannot think it self,

The essence of all is all there is, no more and no less

God does not need to know, nor witness things, he is the essence of all.

The essence of all is all.

Chaos is motion,

Order is form,

All form are God essence.

All essence is God.

All of Universe is energy in form.

So who are you.

You are the form.

You are the energy.

You are the essence.

And such things cannot be undone.

They are.


Junior Hegelian
Local time
Today 2:24 PM
Dec 7, 2014
I think the poem exerts confidence, particuarlly of contentment. But I feel like the essense of the poem leans a bit too much on tautology rather than a specific, shared experience. I encourage more though!


Old & In the Way
Local time
Today 1:24 AM
Oct 7, 2021
I would just take out the excess "one path" comments and leave that for the beginning or the end to make more impact. The content was good.
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