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how to solve own problems

Ex-User (8886)

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Today 12:02 PM
Sep 11, 2013
it is always more difficult to solve and advice yourself, than other people - being at some distance bring more perspectives, detachment provide lack of emotions (no fear).

I had always difficults with solving my problems. maybe it's nothing revealing but here's my final algorythm:

-name the problem
-find the deepest cause
-eliminate this cause, or replace your problem with sth what isn't

-fear of failure
-I think too much about future, I have big expectations
-lower ambitious, focus on what you can do

then make a loop, because you need a reminder every day

Artsu Tharaz

The Lamb
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Today 9:02 PM
Dec 12, 2010
Well timed thread - just yesterday I was having a look at my social anxiety and trying to think about what I can do about it. I'm not sure what the cause is, but I think if I keep my mind focused on the issue then I will come to understand it more and more clearly. Then I can implement the third step and change my thinking style so that I no longer feel so terrified of social situations.
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