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Gender MBTI and the female INTJ Archetype

Black Rose

An unbreakable bond
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Today 3:55 AM
Apr 4, 2010
with mama
As I have gone through many images of such female and male MBTI renditions I have noticed a pattern. First, the female INTP is seen as a nerd but in several nerd girl images, I can tell these girls have either very male or female-type energy. An example is In Dragon Maid where Miss Kobayashi is kind of tom-boyish. She is not fem fem. This leads me to think that even with such an ability to think in the introverted orientation, she is a male INTP.

The reason I thought of before this, that got me to consider gender was how most things I see online about the INTJ female somehow make them look like Alpha females. But in that sense, they would be almost totally masculinized and lack the quality of what is the term fem fem. I was then under the idea that a fem fem INTJ would be much different from Major Motoko Kusanagi.

So how would a fem fem INTP or a fem fem INTJ look?

INTP females who would be fem fem to start would be like Twilight Sparkle. Now the thing is that Twilight is not a girly girl like Rarity or hyperactive like Pinkie Pie, she is not a wallflower like Fluttershy. But she is not like Sunset (a fem fem ESTJ) who is tough but kind. Twilight has a certain type of smart femininity without being a tomboy.

The INTP female does not have to be just in girls though, it can be in boys. Aside from the fact that my little pony has exaggerated characters, in the real world a male with a female INTP archetype will be more settled in temperament and happen to relate to adults in a way as to be "motherly" toward them.

What is strange at first to understand is that to have a male persona or a female persona will dramatically affect the number of expressions of personality there are. I am not a professional but I understand that a higher number of personalities exist than just 16. What got me to consider this was how I do not fit any one mold of MBTI type. The variety of people I have seen is too much to consider that emotions are not part of a much higher-dimension space.

When I entered some of my articles into the IBM personality analyzer in 2017 it said I was a 40-year-old female INTJ – I have interacted with many INTJs before from the way they talk and know what personality they have. But I was surprised I had there was a stark contrast to how I talked compared to them. Everyone thought I was a 12-year-old female INFP. Yet some thought I was autistic.

Going over what I have made though I have a clear development path where I was into many technological scientific and generally alchemical ideas. The INTJ is a genuine wizard, the wizard knows both the male and female sides.

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